1. L

    Engine light on after fitting Black Widow exhaust

    Friend of mine dropped her 2017 MT-09 in with me this morning for fitting of the full Black Widow exhaust (with baffle in) and a K+N air filter. Everything fitted up perfectly, but on starting the engine management light stays on - she also says it splutters and farts at 2500 but that clears the...
  2. TIM80

    DYNO the way to go

    I previously had my ECU reflashed over two years ago when I fitted my carbon Akra and was very happy with the result.Recently I decided to install a DNA air filter and decided for piece of mine to have the bike tuned with Woolich ECU software and put it on a Dyno. The base Dyno run (stock filter...
  3. K

    Some Advice/Opinions please.

    O.K. finally finished and fitted my modified stock exhaust system, thread with pics to follow soon. And today I added a k&n filter and set the CO to 14 on each cylinder a guesstimate really to help compensate for a leaner fuel/air mixture with the exhaust and filter, also my bike had previously...
  4. M

    New mt-09 from Holland

    Im new in the mt-09 World. Had kawa z750 before this. I have the new 2017 grey/yellow mt-09. Sorry for my english. Its not the best. Hope to learn a lot About my new bike and have lots of questions. Already Ordered a titanium arrow silencer with the arrow headers. Also ordered K&n filter...
  5. S

    K&N air filter

    Anyone fitted a K&N air filter to there tracer?ive been fitting these for a few years now to bikes that I planned on keeping a few years,I haven't found any great improvements in power but mpg per tank is up abit plus once you bought it £45 ish that's it and I bet Yamaha paper ones are £25,so as...
  6. LewFZ1

    Oil Change

    Anyone ever had to burp the oil filter after doing an oil & Filter change?
  7. E

    2014 mt 09

    MT-09 Non abs £5,500 Morecambe / lancashire 2014 reg new M4 slip on with removable baffle £ 350 New custom made gel seat, £250 just had 12k service inc iridium plugs Bmc air filter and air box mod Oil and filter New rear wheel bearings New tyres New tail tidy aftermarket ecu flash from reputable...
  8. M

    Unused New DNA Air Filter

    Hi All, I have a brand new unused DNA Air Filter PN:P-Y8N14-0 for MT-09. £50.00 no offers. Buyer collects, Reading/Berkshire. Thanks. Marc
  9. Z

    Newby from London

    Hey all Long time visitor, first time poster! ... Though it was time i joined up and introduced myself. As the title says, Currently living in London, but plan to head back to Australia. I've a Yamaha Tracer, with puig sports screen, refurbished seat, removed hand guards (as its easier to...
  10. pipski99

    Bargain K&N air filter

    Searched Ebay and wanted to share this if you haven't seen it yet. Bargain price for a K&N filter for the MT: K&N YA-8514 Replacement Air Filter NEW 2014 2015 Yamaha FZ-09 MT09 FJ-09 | eBay Only $999.99 + shipping plus another $239.95 import duty because of the mental listing price. Somebody...
  11. U

    5000 miles, is my clutch dying?

    I ride my bike like a supermoto, it gets absolutely abused. I think I may have seriously damaged my clutch from clutch up wheelies. Recently I've noticed When I accelerate hard from ~80mph in 4th, 5th or 6th whilst about mid rev range, my revs shoot up, along with engine noise but the power...
  12. J

    Service manual

    Is their someone who can email me a standard model service manual please , I have an air filter to install soon and really can't see how to get at it . Thanks
  13. M

    Air filter required?

    Hi guys, new here! I just bought an SC Project CR-T exhaust yesterday and i'm wondering whether or not I should get an after-market air filter as well. Would you guys recommend one? What are your experience with after-market cans with and without air filters? Thanks in advance, Miles.