1. JohnD


    Added a bracket under the fairing mount to fit my car GPS.
  2. M

    Fjr footpegs

    Hi all, does anyone know if FJR footpegs will fit the mt09 tracer?
  3. K

    Complete new suspension

    I have given up trying to get my suspension setup just right. In th past I have been spoilt with having customised or personalised suspension (Ohlins/Nitron, etc). So, I have just bitten the bullet and yesterday took delivery of my forks which have been kitted with an Andreani cartridge (with...
  4. B


    does any mt09 exhaust fit rhe tracer as well also got got shorty levers off a mt10 ..will they fit
  5. K


    Has anyone fitted a Rowe Electronics PDM60 to their Tracer? I am about to fit one to power the various accessories I want to fit (radar detector, GPS unit plus riding lights). I am interested in where to tap into the wiring for the power feed. Perhaps the wire feeding to the rear tail light? Any...
  6. Gruffalo

    Can I fit my FZ6 rack to the tracer 900

    I'm hoping that someone can help me out, I have just ordered a Tracer with a rack (standaard from the accessories page). I was wondering if any one had any experience of mounting another plate or using some kind of adaptor to make a (FZ6) yamaha top box fit it. This is the rack I have on the...
  7. bumpyride

    New seat and tail light

    After being fobbed off that i couldnt fit a 2017 MT 09 comfort seat to my 2016 model by the Y-shop, Managed to get one from else where. All good fits just as bad as the original ( a bit loose) but looks heaps better, a tad higher and slightly wider, felt weird to begin with but its a big...
  8. C

    2017 MT09 Yamaha tail tidy. Tutorial.

    Today I fitted the genuine Yamaha tail tidy part number. BS2-F16E0-00 The instructions where good for the easy parts but could have done with a few words in places. I started buy building it first to make sure it all looked right. After I was happy I started to remove the parts from the bike...
  9. C

    What akra exhaust will fit.

    Corsasri first mods. Hello guys I hope you don't mind me asking. I have just brought a 2017 mt09 and it looks like a new style akra exhaust is listed for the bike. It looks as if it has a carbon end plate. My question is will the older style akra fit the bike as I don't like the newer version...
  10. Jetty

    Anyone with a broken genuine Yamaha screen?

    Hi - I have a Street Rally and would like a small screen, but can't find any either, ok or that will fit. So would like to try and modify a Yam one to fit over the existing plastics, but really don't want to splash out the exorbitant price for a new one without knowing how it may fit. Am...
  11. Russ Quinlan

    Big Hooters !!

    Sorry, not those ! Just wondered which louder horns you guys had managed to fit ? Had to use mine again tonight but the meep meep is pathetic !! I do have a bigger one to fit but there is nowhere inside the panels big enough to take anything decent so wondered what you lots had ? I know the...
  12. J

    Skid plate fit akrapovic titanium

    Anybody using skid plate that fit akro titanium? Mine have sw-motech before chaging the exhaust. And after the akro install, this dont fit well...
  13. J


    It's that time of the year folks! Anyone which Tucano Muffs fit best? Or other suggestions?
  14. S

    New and need help

    Hi all new to forum live in England, I'm after some help. I got an sport tracker (Not everyones favourite model) with the high level Akrapovic exhaust on it, I'm after a tail tidy for it any recommendations or advice where to get one. the normal ones don't fit due to the exhaust
  15. R

    Torque talk....

    Whilst adjusting my chain slack recently, as usual I used my trusty torque wrench (well, one of my trust torque wrenches) to nip up the axle nut to the specified 150Nm. As for the locknut, that got spannered to the "that's tight enough" setting. I notice the manual states a torque of 16Nm, but...
  16. L

    Mt09 tracer

    Hi may i ask if theres other rear shocks from other manufaxturers that fit the 09 tracer, is is anything available dor 250 ish? Cheers
  17. Russ Quinlan

    Yamaha Luggage for Tracer

    Just wondered if anyone else had got the Yamaha panniers with their bike ? I got them and inside was a very large waterproof bag that looked like it was supposed to fit inside. However the material its made from is very thick and stiff and by the time I've just put a few bits inside (what I...
  18. B

    190/50 section rear tyre

    I happen to have a new 190/50 Dunlop Roadsmart 2, which I got for another bike that I've since got rid of, and I was wondering if it might fit the MT-09. Looking at the OEM Dunlop 214 180/55 rear tyre there doesn't seem to be a lot of clearance to fit a wider one, so initially I thought...
  19. Slappyhead

    Rear hanger/footpeg

    Hi all, Recently parted with my MT09 and now have an MT10. I'm trying to get hold of a Tracer rear left hanger for the footpeg. The hangers on the back of the MT10 mean you have to be a dwarf to fit on it. The Tracer ones will fit and are longer than the standard 09 ones. I managed to find the...
  20. S

    Ohlins ya335 on tracer?.

    Anyone fitted a ohlins ya335 to there tracer? If so we're there any differences in length etc? I ask because the mt09 and mt09 tracer have different parts numbers on there rear shocks,the only ohlins dealer that seemed to no what they were on about were BGmotorsport and they said it will fit but...