1. K

    For Sale: - 2014 MT-09 ABS

    THIS BIKE IS NOW SOLD.... This is my MT-09 in purple first registered 01/09/2014 and is now for sale due to my having recently purchased a new bike, I acquired the MT-09 around 18months ago with 776 recorded miles from one previous owner. Myself, retired being the being the second owner, at...
  2. JohnD

    Dual sport tyres

    Anyone fitted dual sport tyres, any recommendations.
  3. I

    Skid plate

    Anybody fitted an engine skid plate. I'm considering either the SW-Motech or the Cosmos. Has anyone fitted either or a different one? The Cosmos seems to only come in black but am waiting confirmation if it's also in brushed aluminium.
  4. P

    Pillion Pegs Lowering kit

    I bought these from Germany imported them to the UK but didn't like the look when fitted so they are up for sale, cost £110 new and they are as new fitted and taken off. They are CNC machined by BRUUDT finished in satin black I believe they are a common fit to most bikes. BRUUDT CNC Machined...
  5. L

    Brembo M4 calipers

    Anyone fitted them to a 2017 model yet? If so what size spacers did you need, if you needed any at all?
  6. K

    Anyone fitted a Denali Sound Bomb horn to their bike?

    I have just ordered a Denali Sound Bomb for my bike and am interested to see if anyone else has fitted one and, if so, any suggestions as to mounting points, tips and tricks, etc. Anyone???
  7. R

    Front fork mods

    It's that time of year to get some modifications done and I'm think front forks (I have a ZX6RR rear shock fitted). Has anyone fitted K-Tech's springs, valve kit and compression adjusters? did you do it yourself? if not, who fitted them? what oil and weight? And what's your verdict on the...
  8. Littlebruv


    Hi all Anyone fitted either the V or E system to an MT-09 / Tracer yet ?, if so where as the reservoir been fitted on your particular model
  9. Littlebruv


    Recently fitted the Puig handguards on my 900 Tracer, very easy to fit. Been out on a long run today down towards Brighton and along to Hastings. First impressions the guards appear to help deflect some of the wind away from the cuffs of my jacket but also surprisingly I found they help cure...
  10. deedaadel

    Healtech Quickshifter

    Yamaha MT-09 Tracer 2015-2017 Healtech Quickshifter - Official Ebay Seller | eBay Anyone have one of these fitted? It seems a very simple upgrade and the video reviews look quite promising but could do with one or two recommendations off here before jumping in.
  11. Rob_h

    Barracuda infill panels - 2016?

    Hi, Just seen these on Fleabay, Barracuda infill covers I have asked the seller if they will fit am MT09 2016 ABS model, he has no idea and just says 2107 on, its a new product so probably hedging his sales, anyone fitted them to a 2016 ABS model? I think they look way better than the plastic...
  12. L

    Engine light on after fitting Black Widow exhaust

    Friend of mine dropped her 2017 MT-09 in with me this morning for fitting of the full Black Widow exhaust (with baffle in) and a K+N air filter. Everything fitted up perfectly, but on starting the engine management light stays on - she also says it splutters and farts at 2500 but that clears the...
  13. R

    MT09 Tracer 2015 for sale

    MT09 Tracer 2015 £5600 For sale is my 2015 MT09 Tracer, it has done 11000 miles and is in excellent condition. The front seat has been modified with a memory foam insert and is a lot more comfortable than standard The ECU has been flashed with the following done • Disable the top speed limiter...
  14. Mark Cousins

    Booster Plug

    Has anyone fitted one of these? If so are they any good?
  15. MikeDutt5

    Cheap screen/ radiator guard

    Before I start I don't want to cheap out on the bike, but i dont want to waste money that can go towards more bits. Has anyone got a picture of this screen fitted? (ebay £29.99) Or is genuine best ? I am not bothered about wind...
  16. R

    Pilot road 4

    Hi all This may sound a bit strange but has anyone had a bad experience with the pr4s? I fitted a pair just before I had the suspension upgraded by MCT who reworked the forks and fitted a nitron r1 rear shock. Initially I ran them at 36/36 psi , I have steadily decreased the pressure to 30/32...
  17. Hexme

    Indicator Mirrors - fitted. Also my Tuturo oiler.
  18. S

    K&N air filter

    Anyone fitted a K&N air filter to there tracer?ive been fitting these for a few years now to bikes that I planned on keeping a few years,I haven't found any great improvements in power but mpg per tank is up abit plus once you bought it £45 ish that's it and I bet Yamaha paper ones are £25,so as...
  19. Hexme

    Shad Cases

    Anybody have these fitted? £365 on Amazon for the full kit including hard cases and inner bags, nice
  20. C

    Corsasri saying hello.

    Hello everyone my name is Gary and I have just brought a 2017 mt09. Before buying the MT09 I was riding a Mt10. So far I have only done a few miles on the Mt09 but already it's putting a smile on my face. After picking up the bike I have already done a few things. Had ecu test flashes with...