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    Fjr footpegs

    Hi all, does anyone know if FJR footpegs will fit the mt09 tracer?
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    McCuise Criuse Control

    I am fitting the McCruise cruise control at this minute. I have opted for the patch to fit it with a FJR 1300 left handlebar switch unit. I have bought the McCruise kit and patch for £715 and the New 2016 FJR switch gear for £250. Unfortunately the plugs on the switch gear have been changed to...
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    Hello All

    I stumbled across the forum today as I was searching for info on the MT-09 Tracer. I have at the moment a 10 registered FJR and an !! registered Super Tenere 1200. The Fjr has in excess of 54,000 Kms and the Tenere has 61,000 kms on the clock. I am about to part exchange the Tenere and am...