1. S

    MT09 Flat Seat with Red Stitching

    Yamaha MT 09 Super-moto style flat seat with red stitching which gives a little more comfort and a bit higher seat height. The seat gives a supermoto style riding position and a bit extra height which will benefit taller riders. I bought this Genuine Yamaha seat for my MT 09 but only used it...
  2. trevorleigh

    MT09 Seat Price

    Not sure if anyone has seen, but it looks like Yamaha has dramatically reduced the price of the flat and comfort seats, at least for the early models. Flat Seat £117, Comfort Seat £126 and vintage seat £58.
  3. V

    seat options to stay sane

    Original seat grates on my nerves. I am sliding all the time. You slide because there is a dip. Makes it easier to get your foots flat. Now I am 6 feet tall and don't need that. Apparently there is street/sport rally seat. Raises the seat height considerably and you can sit wherever you like...
  4. Y

    Intermittent Discharging of Battery

    My bike (Tracer 24 months old 8k)is hooked up to an Optimate when not in use although I use it every week unless on holiday. Back in November I went to start the bike but the battery was completely flat, I thought maybe I hadn’t connected the Optimate in the right order and it had drain the...