1. jack591

    K-Tech & YSS suspension upgrade

    Just wanted to post a quick review as I couldn’t find information when I was looking about the K-Tech SSK piston kit and the YSS MZ456 rear shock for a 2015 MT09. Got this fitted last week and went for a good ride on the weekend to test out. Overall this is just night and day difference to...
  2. R

    Front fork mods

    It's that time of year to get some modifications done and I'm think front forks (I have a ZX6RR rear shock fitted). Has anyone fitted K-Tech's springs, valve kit and compression adjusters? did you do it yourself? if not, who fitted them? what oil and weight? And what's your verdict on the...
  3. N

    Rattle from front forks.

    2015 - MT 0-9 abs. I recently fitted a plastic fender extender to the front mudguard to keep the muck off the radiator, but have noticed a rattling noise which appears to come from the front forks area when riding over bumps in the road. I don't know if the noise is being amplified by the...
  4. barton

    rear shock ride height adjustment

    Picked up a low mileage 14 plate MT09. After just 5 miles realise the suspension is utter crap. so three days later K-Tech razor shock and K-Tech ids cartridge kit. Now much better, but in A mode the throttle snatch still tends to push me a little wide as the front goes light. I raised the forks...
  5. S

    Tracer Fork Oil

    Evening All I have just been trying to change the fork oil on my Tracer. Starting with the right hand leg the manual states 431 ml of oil should equate height of 175 mm. As I did not completely strip the fork just removed the cap, spacer and spring I knew it would not take the full 431 ml. I...
  6. stevecbr

    The crap they sell on Ebay

    Trawling through Ebay looking for stuff to buy, and came across this PARTS victims CIRCLE FRONT DISCS STEMS YAMAHA MT-09 ABS 2013 2015 | eBay who the hell would want twisted forks, a smashed wheel,bent bars and totally twisted yokes, as well a a mangled radiator for £301 with £171 for postage?
  7. S

    Work shop manual haynes or other?

    Work shop manual haynes or other for tracer Ive looked but can't find a haynes workshop manual or any other,anyone know of one? I asked a dealers other day but they don't do one,i do my own maintaince so could really do with one,i am planning on having the front forks sorted so could do with...
  8. Fluke

    Like a pogo stick on steroids! Help wanted please.

    I exaggerate a bit of course but... Since putting Ohlins springs in my otherwise completely standard forks, with standard ten weight oil, my front forks are stiffer but a bit bouncy. What I mean is they compress and rebound a bit quickly. My mechanic suggested a heavier fork oil but I wanted to...
  9. S

    transport twisting bridges..

    I have been seeing some slightly twisted bridges on new bikes these days.. This is my second new bike which had the handle bar when riding in a straight line being slightly skew.. This could play mind games with you, you keep saying it is ok, but you are not sitting perfectly straight on the...
  10. TommyM

    Maxton Suspension assessment

    Hi guys, I just had a reply back from Maxton Suspension after asking them what they could do to improve the MT09 ( copied below ). Its an expensive option but i have used them before, the results are outstanding. Has anyone used them for the MT already or found a cheaper option? I think i've...
  11. Locksmith

    Forks question

    As you probably know I've put ohlins springs in my forks !!! My question is, I'm using the cable tie method to see how much travel I'm using. Is the bottom of the chrome tube the actual suspension bottom point or is it a few mm upwards (or more) The tie is currently around 15mm from the bottom...