1. W

    I thinks it's officially dead...

    This place sure does suck considering it's "The largest Yamaha MT-09 / FZ-09 Forum on the Internet!."
  2. B

    coolant leak

    Ride home from work today, parked outside garage , noticed coolant leak.Expansion tank was still full, but checked the rad, it was half empty! Seems to be leaking from pipe just behind exhaust downpipes.Not been on this forum for a while , but think i remember a thread on something similar....TT...
  3. Gruffalo

    Happy New year 2018

    Wishing everybody on this forum a happy and safe new year, have fun.....
  4. O

    birthday today

    Just to thank Forum for birthday greetings this morning. one year older and still having fun on bikes.. never give them up !
  5. C

    Two Newbies from Shrewsbury UK

    Hi all! Both me and my girlfriend have both bought new MT09s already this forum has been incredible and so very helpful! Looking forward to being an active part of the forum :)
  6. Gruffalo

    Like button.

    I'm only a visitor here (at the mo), as an owner of the FZ-6 (maybe a tracer later) I'm used to the sister FZ6-Forum. On this forum I can like a post but all I see is a thumbsup, on the FZ6 forum you can also see who liked your post (their name can be seen under the post). Not sure if there is a...
  7. Gruffalo

    New member from the Netherlands

    New forum member from the Netherlands, originally from UK but moved over here about 20 years ago now. I have owned a FZ6 for 10 years (and 143000Km's) but am looking into possibly buying a Tracer, I'll be taking one out for a spin on Thursday. might be asking some newbie questions on this forum...
  8. Mark Cousins

    Newbie from North Wales

    Hiya im Mark and i live in Llandudno. Im new to the forum but had my MT just over year now. Absolutely love it!!
  9. P

    New member from UK

    Hi all, I'm picking up my Race Blu 2016 Tracer on Saturday. Can't wait! I've already gathered a lot of info by lurking on this forum while I was coming to a decision, so I'm glad to join the community! Best wishes to all!
  10. S

    New to the forum

    Hi there, just joined the Forum. I have a 2015 MT09 Tracer. Just had this seat made by Core Motorcycle Seats in Lincolnshire, what a first class job.
  11. A

    Engine squeal?

    Hi guys (gals, are there any on here? :-) ) I have just bought a 2014 MT09 with just under 2000 miles recorded, bike runs absolutely fine with no issues. However, on starting from cold, there is a rather annoying loud squeal that comes from the right side of the engine, around where the clutch...
  12. Watty2017

    Hello and great to be here

    Just purchased a Tracer 900 and just love it, looking forward to learning more about this great bike on the forum.
  13. T

    Where to buy cheap Yamaha parts inside EU (+UK)

    Hi, This is my first post in here. Have so far been reading a lot MT/FZ 09 related threads via Tapatalk without actually knowing which forum I was reading. I’m from Denmark and bought a used 2014 MT-09 in 2015. A few days ago I read a thread in the forum which caught my attention...
  14. S

    New Member

    I should have started a new thread, accidentally hijacked Bumpyride's thread! Hi All, I am new to the forum, have been lurking for a while. The MT-09 brought me out of motorcycling retirement forced on me since I shifted my family from South Africa to New Zealand 16 years ago. I started riding...
  15. fizzy

    The mt has gone

    Hi Guys just a quick note to let you know I have just sold my bike, the forum has been a good place to find out information and help from the members in the 3 years of owning the bike I have really enjoyed it but it's time to move on and try something different, a big thanks to TT (Richie)...
  16. S

    up and down and bouncy bits

    Not a sexual refference but I've just got my late 2014 street rally and the bloke before me has been playing, BADLY, I'm not interested in standard settings as I know its too soft what does the forum feel is the best settings front and rear. Cheers. By the way I'm new so be gentle with me.
  17. LewFZ1

    Is it just me

    Is it just me or is this just not a very friendly forum, maybe one or two will have a wee bit of banter BUTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!
  18. Toppie

    New member from Ireland

    Hello, I'm new to this forum after recently buying myself a 2015 MT-09tra. Two years ago I downsized from a zx10r to a 650 Versys. The sports bikes weren't suitable for the type of biking I'd grown into and I thought a change of direction was called for. The wee Versys was a fantastic bike for...
  19. C

    New Mt09 wheeling

    Hi mates, I'm new to this forum. I live in Italy and I own an MT09 (naked). I'm very satisfied of this bike. I hope to contribute to this forum with my experiments on the bike.
  20. L

    How do

    Hi folks Just a wee hello from a long time lurker. Seriously thinking of changing my FZ1 for an MT 09. Really great forum and full of information. cheers