1. B

    Hi from Scotland

    Just thought I would say hi to all you fellow Tracer 900 owners, looking forward to sharing our experiences on the Yamaha, ride safe.:o
  2. S

    Tracer ordered

    Just saying hello, ordered my 2017 Tracer 900 in black yesterday, picking up next weekend all being well, looking forward to the fun!
  3. C

    Two Newbies from Shrewsbury UK

    Hi all! Both me and my girlfriend have both bought new MT09s already this forum has been incredible and so very helpful! Looking forward to being an active part of the forum :)
  4. Watty2017

    Hello and great to be here

    Just purchased a Tracer 900 and just love it, looking forward to learning more about this great bike on the forum.
  5. Mobil1


    Hello everyone. Have only had the MT-09 a month and love every bit of it. Its a 2016 Night Fluro ABS I have an FZR1000RU as well which I have owned for 16 years and I hope the MT-089 will be with me just as long. I plan a few trips abroad on the MT as opposed to the FZR as the FZR is getting...
  6. B


    Hi 50 year old just bought a 2014 MT-09 ABS waiting for delivery I live in Scotland and am looking forward to the adventure Billy
  7. K

    Retired Newbie From Cornwall.

    Hi Guys Joined the site just over a week ago, been doing a lot of thread reading since then which I have found very informative. Also just recently acquired a very low mileage 14- plate MT-09 in armour, not putting it on the road until 1st March, so looking forward to that. I have already bought...
  8. M

    Newbee - 2017 MT-09

    Hi, I ordered a 2017 MT-09 in Night Fluo on Christmas eve ready for the first batch to hit the UK. Just waiting for the accessories catalogue to be released to see if I can afford to add an Akro. Not owned a bike for the past 3 years since I sold my R1 but looking forward to getting back into...
  9. Z

    Defection from a Street Triple R tomorrow

    As per the title, tomorrow I trade in my Street Triple R for a 2015 MT-09. So a chilly one hour ride up to London in the morning. But looking forward to getting back on something which, I hope, is more reliable that a Triumph.
  10. highlander

    Sliding forward on MT-09 seat - mods ?

    Now this is not something I've seen anyone else write about so maybe it's just me..... I find that when sitting back in the wider part of the seat I inevitably get tilted forward a bit after some time which gets quite uncomfortable as it pushes me onto the gentlemen's area too much over an hour...
  11. D

    New member XSR 900

    Hi Guys great forum , just bought a new XSR 900 , look forward to talking to you all !! cheers Dayvee
  12. Griff1971

    New member from Manchester.

    HI all, new to this forum, pick my new toy up in a couple of days, new tracer :cool: was riding sports bikes for aprox 15 years, but now im getting on a bit :) tourer/adventure bikes the way forward now. will probably be asking for lots of advice regarding changing parts and set up etc...
  13. N

    Hello from Goodyear, AZ, United States

    Hi all, I purchased a 2016 FZ-09 Raven a month ago today, and I'm definitely obsessed with it! Joined in November, and found this forum recently when I was scouring the net for all things FZ/MT-09. I look forward to reading plenty of insights from across the pond!
  14. R

    Hi from Glasgow.

    Hi, Just joined the site and already found some very helpful information. Looking forward to finding more tips on the running of my MT 09. Thanks Ricky.;)
  15. B

    New member, Bury, UK

    Just a quick hello, ordered an MT-09 today in Race Blu. Should have it by next weekend as it was a bike they had in stock. Looking forward to reading and hopefully joining in with the forum. Dave
  16. S

    Hi from Ayrshire

    Just picked up my new MT09 Tracer today! It's a fantastic bike and rides brilliantly. I traded in my XT660R, which was great fun, but hard work. Looking forward to doing some touring in the spring/summer - the Wild Atlantic Way in April, and the Pyrenees in July. My only complaint is the...
  17. B

    Australian in Japan

    Hi everyone . A quick introduction . Just got my new Tracer yesterday . Previous bikes here in Japan include 2 Honda Blackbirds ,Sportster and Suzuiki Intruder. Had my first real ride today on some pretty hairy twisties.Very different to the Blackbird but am looking forward to getting to know...
  18. BUZZ

    Picked her up today : )

    Well I picked up my tracer today and what a machine it is...I just can't get off the thing:cool: I am aiming to use it all year so have ordered my acf50.. The only changes I am making is a tail tidy and 8x7 plate which are ordered:) Looking forward to spending many hours in the saddle and...
  19. BUZZ

    Hello from oxfordshire

    Hi guys:) I will be taking delivery of a red tracer next weekend ....have I done the right thing :cool: Looking forward to chatting with you all....ride safe..! BUZZ
  20. C

    New MT09 ABS Owner Checking In

    So, hello everyone. I sold my BMW S1000R this week as I simply could not get on with the ergonomics of the bike. Awesome bike, was just never comfortable on it. Age also doesnt help. I test rode a MT 09 earlier this week and was then going to look at riding a Tracer, not as ugly as in the...