1. RipGroove

    Stock suspension settings...

    I know this has been talked about a lot and there is already a lot of good info on the subject here on the forums but I found this today and I'm going to give it a try... Basically he weighs about 200lbs and has his suspension set to: Front Preload...
  2. S

    Mods so far!

    Optimate lead, panniers,Liners, Topbox & liner & plate with one key for all, spotlights, front and rear axle crash bobbins, R&G barr sliders, R&G mid engine crash bungs, lower Yamaha case protectors, Akrapoic full system, SW radiator guard, heated grips, grip puppies, tall screen, custom...
  3. N

    Mt09 front brake disc problem

    Has anyone else noticed a mark on the Middle of your front discs like mine in picture not a groove just different colour ?
  4. D

    Look what just turned up

    The street rally front spoiler for under front light to go on my Matt grey mt 09. Bought from Germany ordered on 17th well packed and genuine yamaha parts. Comes with bracket to attach the spoiler to.just got to decide to go with Matt grey colour or maybe carbon dip ???.
  5. I

    New Ohnlis Front end and carbon fibre mud guard and heated grips pics

    Here are some pics of my latest up date ew Ohnlis Front fork cartage's and carbon fibre mud guard and heated grips pics Cheers
  6. derek28862


    sorry if this has been brought up before but has anyone had trouble fitting a rad guard to the street rally or had to modify as bracket holding plastics on front is in the way
  7. marksim

    ABS FULL Length Braided hoses

    At last ive finally got my Braided hoses for my ABS MT sorted Sorry its took me so long to sort but here ya go. I removed every bit of the standard pipes,which includes rubber then metal then back to rubber. Just before i start i will state that you will have to remove the fuel tank and then...
  8. marksim

    Sprocket sizes

    Has anybody tried different sprocket sizes and the race setup 1 less on front and 1 extra on rear ? Im thinking of dropping a tooth on the front as this is what i tend to do with all my bikes. Just wondered if anybody had tried.
  9. T

    front end knocking and whistle ?

    rocking the bike back and fore with the front brake on and getting a knocking on the up/down stroke and a whistle on the up stroke :confused: I've tried to determine where the knocking is coming from, not the yokes or head stock bearings it's either the forks or the brakes, but it sound like...
  10. D

    Sport Tracker front mudguard

    I want a Sport Tracker front mudguard as I find all the other carbon options a bit crap. If anyone hears of any for sale please let me know. Cheers daps.
  11. Trip Hazard

    Front paddock stand

    Can anyone recommend a front paddock stand that suitable for the MT-09 fitted with ABS.
  12. Fluke

    Two brothers and a flash map. What's not to like?

    Just got back from my first proper ride since sorting out Martine. The first thing that amazed me was how heavy the standard exhaust system was. Feels like it was milled out of lead compared to the new system. I got the new system of Triple Trouble who was letting it go to so he could try the...
  13. T

    abs when how why please ?

    HI all, on the mt09 has the abs got a lean angle sensor or is the abs active all the time, cheers wayne im used to squaring off a corner with a slipper clutch and wondered if the same could be done using the abs, ie get the back end to rotate at a slower speed to the front wheel, does the abs...
  14. Trip Hazard

    Foot rests for the trecker

    Anybody know where I can get a set of front foot rests, as those fitted to the Tracker ??
  15. G

    seat sorted

    Just tried out my modified seat and it's spot on. I kept sliding forward on the original seat causing crushed nuts. I took it to saddle craft in South Shields. He reshaped the front and recovered the seat in grippier stuff. Cost was £100 which I think is a good price. I can post a pic if...
  16. T

    to be fixed at first service, incl front loom anything else?

    HI all, the street rally is in for its first service soon, things to be fixed are cheese chain adjusters, very loose seat, rear shock marks when adjusted(yes i have used tool supplied) and finally the front side panels held on with double sided tape bloody hell yamaha not up to the brand image...
  17. D

    Yamaha Demo Day, i Rode MT-09 and....

    i loved everything about it apart from the suspension and the steering shake at hight speed. The front end just feels light through the corners, my initial thoughts are it need more weight on the front end to make it feel more planted and give more feedback through the bars. As for the steering...
  18. M

    Front tire "chicken stripes"

    They are almost gone on my rear tire, but the front one are still huge. Is it because of wrong suspension setup? thank you
  19. l34chy

    street tracker number boards

    I am doing a sprint later in september and i'm gonna give the MT a run aswell as my er6. So what i want to know is i have seen a street tracker version on Yamaha site and it's fitted with ali number boards on the front and side:p I can't seem to find them to buy i am not the smartest on a pc for...
  20. crotchrocket

    What Do You Think My MT Is Worth?

    Slight change in circumstances and also moving house / longer commute ahead i had a go on a 990 Adventure this afternoon as a commuter replacement for the MT. Nothing set in stone. but seeing the amount of MT's on Autotrader at very varied prices its difficult to gauge how much mine would be...