1. Gruffalo

    Happy New year 2018

    Wishing everybody on this forum a happy and safe new year, have fun.....
  2. O

    birthday today

    Just to thank Forum for birthday greetings this morning. one year older and still having fun on bikes.. never give them up !
  3. Cavetroll87

    A quick hello and introduction.

    Hey Guys and Gals, Just thought I would drop in and say hello, A little background on me, I live in SE England and have been riding for approx. 7 years. I started out my biking career on 600cc sportsbikes of various makes and ages until I got hold of a 2006 ZX6R which I fell in love with! I...
  4. M

    Bye bye '09. Hello '10

    Goodbye from Denmark. Traded in my ´14 MT09. Did 30.000kms on it. Several trackdays, hollidays in the alps, fun rides in the weekend. Loved some, hated some. Went from Stock to PowercommanderV to ECU flash. The fueling never got perfect, but better. But that is that good...
  5. S

    Tracer ordered

    Just saying hello, ordered my 2017 Tracer 900 in black yesterday, picking up next weekend all being well, looking forward to the fun!
  6. T

    Newbie from Aussieland

    Hey everyone :) Obviously just joined (duh), so thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Todd from Adelaide, South Aust. Recently picked up a '14 MT09 and all I can say is wow :D - They are some serious fun and after having an R1 (sold) and still have a Grom, it's rekindled my love for big bikes. No...
  7. bikeral


    I know the Tracer is aimed at the 50+ age group, just wondering am I the only one going against the grain. I brought the bike brand new for my 30th Birthday present to myself to replace my old and battered FZS600 I get that it is tailored for the older rider, but I have had a lot of fun in the...
  8. LewFZ1

    Would you prefer budget& fun or

    Just toss this one out there. What would you prefer ,(1) a budget built bike that was great fun and reliable comes with a two year warranty(MT09). Or spend an extra £2.5k /£2k on an MT09 with much better build quality, this would include proper front and rear Suspension? Curious to how folk think.
  9. the cueball

    Hello from Glasgow

    Thought I would pop in and say hello... I picked myself up a 2016 MT09 a few months back... Changes so far include: Yamaha fly screen Akra titanium exhaust (baffle has fell out officer) suspension update/sort with Ohlins rear damper on order (done at ES Racing up in Knockhill race track...
  10. razz

    i`m back to the fz1

    hello dudes , it was fun being back , but the mt09 has gone and has been replaced by a low milage fz1n , enjoy yourselves and most of all have fun ady
  11. Longhair21

    Bye Bye all

    Hi all It has been fun but after nearly 3 years it's time for a change. I still think the MT09 is a cracking machine and probably the best value for money bike on the market at the moment. Ok it had a couple of minor issues but these were overstated by certain members of the motorcycle press...
  12. F

    Greetings from Munich

    Hey there, I just registered to this forum. I bought a MT-09 in February this year. I love it. Best wishes to all of you and always have fun riding your bike. Greetings from Munich
  13. S

    New member with a few questions

    Hi all i test rode a tracer today and i am impressed with how much fun it was,my only complaint was the set was ibit hard,i thought the suspension was better than I expected,my questions are whats the yamaha heated grips like? And what else is worth considering? Ive traded in a 2014 triumph...
  14. S

    goodby MT09 Hello Z1000sz

    Hello friends, after 15 months and huge fun i traded my 2015 MT09 for Z1000SX 2016. The decision wasn't easy as i LOVE that triple motor. But as i needed more sport/touring capabilities, more upper speed stability and better handling i decided against investing in aftermarket and going with the...
  15. whooshbang

    New member - New MT-09 - Bath

    Hi All, Been having a good poke around on this forum and seems like a good place to come if you own a Yamaha, informative and friendly! A year ago I faced a huge dilemma. Should I buy a Street Triple or MT-09? ... Well, I bought the Street, A 2013 newer shape model but completely standard. I...
  16. LewFZ1

    Gets better 6 minutes in Now this was fun, just wish one knew there was no traffic coming the other way.
  17. Brads

    New East London

    Hi all , getting my MT09 delivered 2mora can't wait , only past test last year bought R6 was fun but only had it couple months , just walked in showroom yesterday said "I'll ave that one" , been on the knowledge for last 2-1/2 yrs on scooter nearly finished and wanna ave some fun b4 I'm too old...
  18. D


    Hi all, just joined, i looked at this forum back in June, before i bought my mt09 sr abs, I read all about it and still bought one, i read about the flash's etc,I have done about 1600 miles on it now and it is a fun bike, tank range is a bit limiting but there are plenty of petrol stations...
  19. D

    i am back sold my MT For a KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE but FYI the MT is better fun

    I am back sold my MT For a KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE after 18000 kms loved the looks of the ktm but missed the MT 09 more smiles trading back for a MT 09 next week put 2500 km on the KTM but no buzz to compliacted The MT 09 is not the best looking but maybe the best fun good to be back :cool:
  20. Locksmith

    I've probably said it before....

    ...... But what a feckin awesome bike the MT is. 150 miles of A mode fun in the sun. Roll on a couple of weeks when we hit the Alps together :)