1. JohnD

    Phone as GPS

    Anyone use their phones as GPS's. What app do you use?
  2. JohnD


    Added a bracket under the fairing mount to fit my car GPS.
  3. Gruffalo

    12V hardwiring for GPS

    I will be wiring up my GPS on my 09 Tracer sometime soon and was wondering how other people have done this. Is there an ideal tap off point on the Tracer? I can of course connect it directly to the battery but I was wondering if there were any convenient auxillary connections (maybe wired...
  4. Gruffalo

    GPS routes and routeplanner sites

    I was wondering if you guys/gals know of any websites where I might find some routes for my GPS. I have a Garmin 550 Sat-Nav which I use for riding routes through area's less known to me, I often pull a route off a site and modify it for my own use. GPS tracks is the one I use the most in...
  5. Unfazed

    GPS trackers

    As the new arrival is imminent, I've been thinking about GPS trackers Anyone got experiences of one or any recommendations? Cheers
  6. C

    GPs trackers

    Anyone used or got one, which ones are the best ect. Going together one but don't know which is best
  7. K

    Dudley from Oz mods

    Rather than listing in everyone else threads for their mods, thought I'd post all the mods I've done to mine here on one place. His name by the way is Dudley.......came about cos of his Shiny Red Uniform & Chisled Good Looks (if you are of the correct vintage you'll remember Dudley Do-Right of...
  8. J

    Utilizing the fake air intake vents.

    Has anyone modified their air intakes with lights or similar accessories? Looking at options... Might be a handy place to mount and hide a GPS locator.
  9. T

    GPS controlled automatic chain lubrication installed

    I had Pro-Oilers on all of my previously owned bikes so far and really like the economic, speed related lubrication. This time I went for the new satellite controlled option (as I did not want to mess around with the ABS speedo sensors) The kit came with a nozzle bracket designed for the...
  10. M

    Yamaha USB charger thingy

    Got and installed it, but it doesnt deliver enough power to charge my phone, losing power when plugged in and have GPS running. Is that normal or did I install it wrong?
  11. Stripy

    Which GPS to choose?

    Time to prepare for the big Tour to Th'Alps in July... Have anyone got the either GPS mount or the iPhone case holder on their bike yet? Considering to get either: 1) Garmin Zümo 390LM 2) TomTom Rider 2013 3) Keep using my iPhone-with-case-on-handlebars