1. RipGroove

    Which braided brake hoses?

    I've managed to almost wear through my rear brake hose presumably with my boot somehow so I guess now is the time to switch to braided versions. Any particular brand noticeably better or worse than the others? Bike is a 2014 without ABS. Also I guess the twin front lines would be better than...
  2. M

    Hi Guys

    Hello Guys, I'm a newbie here, & to forums :/ so bare with me Just thought id say HELLO.... well hello! i ride a MT09 Street :p I'm after picking peeps brains about MT09 stuff, so i guess you will be seeing me around once i know what I'm doing lol Cheers
  3. Gruffalo

    Where you stayed with your bike in Europe

    Here's a thread to review B&B's, camp sites or hotels IN EUROPE where you have stayed whilst riding, please state the location (country/town/region) and try to write the positives and the negatives and try to give a rough price indication. A link to the website (if available ) would be handy as...
  4. T

    UK Bike magazine shootout

    Mays edition of UK's BIKE magazine has a 3 bike shootout, 2017 MT09 v Ducati 1200 Monster v Triumph Speed Triple R. Guess which one came out on top? :D:D;)
  5. W

    Have to start somewhere I guess

    Hello there. After reading hundreds of pages over the last 18 months, I thought I'd best register at long last. Glad to meet you all. :)
  6. O

    What To Do Saturday

    Well that's that plan foiled, i was going to take a ride out to MCT Suspension tomorrow to have a look see & a chat about options for suspension on the Tracer, it appears that they don't open Saturdays so that's that, guess i'll have to find someplace else to go, can't waste riding time what...