1. O

    Left hand fork leg with rebound damping

    Has any one put right hand fork internals in left hand leg. So as to have two rebound adjusters. If so were they any good
  2. I

    Screen replacement

    Anyone fitted a bigger screen that doesn't get knocked by the hand guards? Have had to send a powerbronz back as the lower holes weren't aligned and the left hand guard hit the screen whereas the right one had plenty of space.
  3. Littlebruv

    Hand guards

    website for Tracer hand guards Barkbusters.net as seen in MCN if interested
  4. K

    New 2017 MT09 ABS

    Just a couple of things, does the "tool kit" comprise of a screwdriver and one small allen key, if so what size is the rear wheel nut? is the front spindle hex 14mm, I've no hex keys between 12mm and 17mm, and no sockets over 22mm, so want to make sure I buy the right ones. Also the owners hand...
  5. Jetty

    Greetings from Frinton on Sea, Essex...

    Hi - Just joined the crew with a Street Rally...from a KTM990SMT and Yam TDM900. All going well so far, except for a bar end weight vibrating out. Yamaha expect you to buy the whole hand guard... :eek:
  6. Keechy

    Akrapovic Carbon

    Hi just picked up my new tracer (very nice) and was wondering if anybody out there has fitted the carbon Akrapovic exhaust? I took it off my MT09 and want to fit it to the Tracer, I know its possible but you have to remove the centre stand. With the Akrapovic you get a spacer to fill the gap...
  7. Steely

    Hello from Norfolk

    Hi all, New member, due to collect my MT09 next Tuesday from Tinkler's in Norwich. I signed up here a couple of weeks ago, and have been trawling the site learning what I can about the MT from the knowledgable people here before I get it. I've liked the look of the MT09 since it first came out...
  8. R

    New Product From Powerbronze for your Tracer - Larger Hand Guards

    Hi Everyone, Powerbronze have taken steps to develop larger hand guards for your Tracer. All you have to do to fit these hand guards is remove the coloured panel in front of your original guard, then remove the black plastic hand guard underneath, fit the Powerbronze panel in its place and...
  9. Z

    Newby from London

    Hey all Long time visitor, first time poster! ... Though it was time i joined up and introduced myself. As the title says, Currently living in London, but plan to head back to Australia. I've a Yamaha Tracer, with puig sports screen, refurbished seat, removed hand guards (as its easier to...
  10. johnr

    Handlebar End Bolt Fell Off

    My Tracer is 3 months old and I've done 2,000 miles. Cruising down the motorway last week, the left hand handlebar end bolt and spacer flew off, leaving the hand guard flapping in the wind. Luckily my dealer here in the UK is excellent (Peter Hammond in Cirencester) and he replaced it...
  11. S

    Anyone Fitted Different Hand Guards To Their Tracer?

    Hi Has anyone fitted different hand guards to their Tracer, if so what do you have and are they any good? I am not fussed on the look of the originals however I have bad circulation in my hands and want something more effective at keeping the wind off. All of the alternatives I have seen only...
  12. R

    Mt-09/fz-09 workshop manual and hand book on one cd

    I have a complete workshop manual and hand book for sale on one CD. Even if you don't intend to do any major repairs on your bike it is worth having for the torque settings alone. Cheap as chips at £12 including postage (within UK that is)
  13. MT09-LOZ

    Fork Seal Failure Again !!

    Well bike just out of the garage for the new season and 100 miles more on the clock since the right hand fork seal started leaking and they were both replaced by the dealer. Blow me the right hand seal id leaking again. :( Must be a fault with the fork itself to damage two seals so quickly...
  14. D

    Fork cartridge

    Want right hand fork for mt09 64 none abs.cheers.dave
  15. M

    Thumb on my right hand hurts after long driving

    what am I doing wrong?