1. Gruffalo

    Happy New year 2018

    Wishing everybody on this forum a happy and safe new year, have fun.....
  2. Gruffalo

    Happy Birthday Steve

    Happy Birthday Steve4658 , hope you had a great day ? ???????
  3. TIM80

    DYNO the way to go

    I previously had my ECU reflashed over two years ago when I fitted my carbon Akra and was very happy with the result.Recently I decided to install a DNA air filter and decided for piece of mine to have the bike tuned with Woolich ECU software and put it on a Dyno. The base Dyno run (stock filter...
  4. T

    New Screen

    Just fitted the Ermax Sport Screen today, looks tidy. Gives a good bit of protection from windblast too. Very happy with it.
  5. M

    GS to Tracer 900

    Traded in a 2013 R1200 GS for one. Picked up a nice blue 2017 model on Saturday. Its hard work sticking to 5500 rpm for the first 600 miles as the Tracer is a cracking B road blaster - only another 400 to go....! Happy days....
  6. Fluke

    Track tyres. What's your experience?

    Hi all, I've got a trackday coming up and I'm thinking of putting some proper rubber on. Has anyone done any trackdays or racing and can share their recommendations or avoidances? I'm really happy with the PR4s I use on the road but I'm pretty sure I'll want something a lot stickier on track. I...
  7. M

    Old Boy (great movie) Newbie to site

    Hello fellow MT-aniacs, had mine for a year now, love it, the rawness of it's power, the roar of it's Akrapovic from tick over to 137mph, it keeps this old bugga as happy as his two stroke teenage days. Has taken me on some long European trips and many a Sunday blast. Now needing a service and...
  8. fizzy

    Adolf isn't happy

    https://youtu.be/IQecmPodty0 Just seen this on YouTube :D
  9. fizzy

    Happy new year

    Before all the mayhem stars I would like to wish everyone on the forum a happy new year and safe riding in 2016! :cool:
  10. C

    Happy biking Xmas!

    Merry Xmas everyone!
  11. LewFZ1

    Someone is not happy about Christmas

    Not everyone is in the festive mood by the look of it. Anyway happy Christmas everyone.
  12. Longhair21

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to my MT registered 2 years ago today. Its still on the original fuel map and CCT and still puts a big grin on my face every time I go out on it.
  13. A

    Hello from tw

    Hi, this is Alan from TW. I own a MT-01 and a Mt-09. happy riding!!!!
  14. D

    Hi folks

    Like the tracer, hope to get a test ride soon. Few things concern me, the wind noise and the plastic/carbon bits below the fuel tank, don't like them. don't tell the wife! Happy biker from Northern Ireland, anyone else from these parts? Peace (is this verification required all the time?, if...
  15. duffy

    Shock Vote

    Hello everybody (1st post), I have done a lot of reading on the forum about shock replacement, and hope to have my new ride delivered at the weekend. I have decided for now to change the rear, stiffen up the front to see if it is OK for me, but my question is for those that have already upgraded...
  16. groundhog

    Mine is going !

    Sadly things just didn't work out with me and the Tracer. It's a great bike in may ways and I have been trying to convince myself it's the bike for me but I realise it just isn't. So I am chopping it in for a Super Tenere which I had been eyeing up for a long time until the Tracer caught my eye...
  17. jay86jay

    New mt09 wolverhampton first bike

    Hi just passed my test and jumped in he deep end with an 2015 mt09. Extremely happy with it and feel very comfortable with it. Any advice much appreciated
  18. derek28862


    new panniers just arrived from krauser look real quality and solid well happy
  19. F

    Evotech Performance tail tidy

    I bought myself this for Christmas and got it fitted sarvo. Well impressed with the quality. Would have been very quick had I not put it all together with the light upside down. D'oh!! Well happy....... what's next on the list?
  20. MT09-Smurf

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    http://youtu.be/SiN9eCnXY18 Ride Safe in 2015