1. Jetty

    Headlight unit for 2015 model MT-09.

    Hi - Am after a whole headlight unit for a '15 model, if any one has one... I don't like to look of the Chinese ones on Ebay! :/
  2. paulb3375

    Spotlights (show us yours)

    So what have people got? Thinking of getting some cheap spots from ebay China. Anyone else been down this route? Would be interested to hear of your experiences. In particular, how are you mounting them? Some are off a bracket mounted under the headlight it would seem, Yamaha / Cosmo /...
  3. D

    help! MT09 2017 headlight cable reconnect to 2014

    Dear all I need to install 2017 mt09 headlight to 2014 mt09 i try to light up headlight but not working who can help me check the cable in 2017 mt09 how to connect the cable to 2014,thx
  4. R

    MT09 2017 Headlight Question

    Hi, I am looking at buying this years version, but one area of concern is around the headlight at night and what appears to be a couple of people having issues with the light showing the corner. Here is one of the links: MT 09 ,FZ 09 2017problem with the lights Cheers
  5. C

    am i being stupid?

    today i noticed my reflection on the back of the car infront. It appeared that only one headlight on my bike was lit up therefore looking asymmetrical. Only when I put on my high beams or flasher they both light up. Is this a fault or is this how the bike is designed...
  6. G

    Wanted headlight for tracer 2015. Anyone got a used one.?

    Looking for a new used headlight. Any help would be apperciated
  7. R

    New Products for the Tracer from Powerbronze

    Hi Everyone, I know its been a long time since I last posted here, but we have been seriously busy developing new products including more for bits for the Tracer. We have developed a few new products with the possibility of more to follow, so here we go. Wider version of our flip screen...
  8. Andyc1511

    New member - afternoon all

    Hi everyone. Andy from Yateley, Hampshire here. Just been out for a bit of a chilly ride following my recall updates (ECU fuelling fix and headlight gubbins). Got to say it feels like new bike in STD mode now i've had the ECU update! Roll on warmer weather. Cheers
  9. F

    Headlight tinting

    Ok so I want to tint my headlight. I do not want one of those headlight protectors/covers becuase I think they are shit. I want to use a tint film because I think it looks alot better and also costs next to nothing. My issue at the moment is that there is a plastict border thing that goes...
  10. S

    I'll be a newbie next weekend - hopefully no regrets

    Went out to buy a Triumph Tiger XC . Just happened to stop off at a Yamaha dealers in Chorley. Saw the MT-09 and kicked the Triumph into touch. Hope I won't live to regret it. Small tank - uncomfortable seat - problems with cam chain tensioner and headlight wiring. Crap ECU mapping - will...
  11. relz

    Headlight Recall

    I was browsing the Yamaha International sites (looking for someone to contact regarding the ecu remap), and reached the Yamaha Motors Japan site. My Japanese isn't too great, but thanks to Google Translate it seems that there is a new recall regarding the headlight wiring. I actually read...