1. V

    Sequential LED Indicators

    Over the winter, I bought some sequential led indicators. I've also bought the led relay, and the mounting adaptors. Before I start this weekend, can anyone tell me where the indicator relay is sited please?
  2. N

    No rear brake light

    A little advice please..just done my first ride of the year, bike stored in my garage. Front brake operates the rear light, but not when I try rear on its own. All other lights, indicators, horn fine. Anything else I can do, or is it visit dealer? Thanks in advance.
  3. Segmant

    Adapter plates for Oxford LED front indicators

    Hi, bought some Oxford LED turn signals for my 2017 MT-09, rears were very straight forward, went easily into the Yamaha talitidy, the fronts however look like i will need some sort of adapter plates, anyone already fitted any like this?
  4. Hexme

    Mirror Indicators

    Got some nice Highsider LED mirror indicators left over from my GS, was thinking of fitting them to the Tracer. Was kind of hoping just to switch out the relay for a LED compatible one? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  5. M

    LED indicators installed but permanently on???

    Hi, I am asking for help please. Today I installed a set on non oem led indicators, front and rear. I disconnected the battery negative and changed the flasher relay for an led one. The relay was fitted first and a temporary connection was made for the first LED indicator to test, it worked fine...
  6. M

    Standard Indicators MT-09 or Tracer For Sale

    Standard Indicators for MT-09 or Tracer For Sale Good condition, not damaged but wire connectors have been removed. However, inner assembly can be transplanted along with wiring if you have damaged bodies. No lens on one unit. £12 for the pair posted.
  7. jezthomas

    R&G Tailtidy + Yamaha Indicators

    If anyone is wondering what combinations of tailtidys go with what aftermarket indicators and what they might look like, here's what I've done, so this might help you in your decision. I've fitted an R&G tailtidy with Yamaha LED indicators. The tailtidy looks well made, but the instructions...
  8. D

    First 120 miles

    Had my bike for a week now and managed to do 120 miles avoiding the rain. My first thoughts. gear box is a little clunky hopefully it will get better with time, I cant see the rear tyre lasting to long:D. self cancelling indicators would have been a nice touch. But apart from that i'm living...
  9. M

    No indicators - Ignition issue

    More of a heads up really. I was riding into work this morning and noticed straight away my indicators weren't working. I only work five miles away so i thought it was just a fuse (even though the horn etc.. was working). I pulled up at work and the bike just cut out like id hit the kill...
  10. Mustangdude

    Tail Tidy

    I just received my tail tidy yesterday. I was an R & G. I bought it on Ebay au. I'm a fussy bastard I know, but it just doesn't cut the mustard in my opinion. Two reasons for this, firstly the stock indicators don't fit and never will fit unless you modify the bracket. Fair enough, the website...
  11. G

    LED + DRL indicators

    Hi Has anyone heard that Yamaha may have stopped producing the Led indicators as there have been some problems with them? i have had tem on order since Feb 1 with no date of arrival as of today.
  12. A

    Tail tidy question.

    Bought an r&g tail tidy. Should the indicators have spacers ? My standard indicators fit into the bracket, but wobble a bit. Thanks
  13. loneranger

    New owner needing advice on Radiator cover

    Hi all. Could do with some pics of rad covers. I had a MT07 with the evotech for a year. Whats best value and looks best? Ive order my bike with the free Akra system, tail tidy, led indicators, heated grips, alarm and rear carrier. Just wanna make sure I get a rad fitted before i ride off...
  14. marksim

    Aftermarket Indicators

    Was just wondering if anybody had fit some different indicators and if so which ones.
  15. T

    how much please ?

    HI iam looking into running the mt09 in the streetfighter class next year, i will not need the headlight, indicators, rear lights indicators, full street rally kit incl brackets and seat and footpegs, and would be gratefull for a bit of help in what the parts are worth as they will just sit...
  16. C

    Help please

    Just picked the bike up from the dealers got it home tried to start it struggling to start and all 4 indicators are flashing as if hazards are on . Saw a thread about it before but cannot find it.
  17. Niner

    Long time lurker from 'Murika!

    Hey guys... I am joining you guys from the "Land of Democracy". Hah! I bought a 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 in Liquid Graphite November 25th. I hope you guys don't mind pictures: The day I bought/rode her home from the dealership (it was -1C): During the 30 mile ride back home, I started the Motoman...