1. sweetthdevil

    Helmet Bluetooth

    Hello all, Got a BT-S2 Bluetooth, mainly to be able to listen to Waze (satnav) instructions, and occasionally taking phone calls. Trouble is that I am able to understand people correctly up to about 35 mph, up until 45mph I can just about understand. Anything above that and I just hear mumble...
  2. RipGroove

    Kevxtx o2 sensor controller mod (UK)

    ***SOLD*** Kevxtx o2 sensor controller mod (UK) *** SOLD *** Removed from my bike today as I now have the Woolich Racing ECU flash with o2 sensor delete. This o2 mod is perfect if you want to smooth out your throttle a bit without having your ECU flashed. Very easy to fit (Kev's instructions...
  3. T

    Kevxtx O2 controller

    £55 posted great mod to sort the closed loop fuelling. Complete with installation instructions. For MT09 or Tracer Had remap so no longer needed. Ian
  4. C

    ASV adjustable cutch lever

    ASV clutch lever (CRC540) Black Standard Length. Fully adjustable and already set up for the MT09 complete in it's original box with all fittings and instructions and used only once £30 including UK mainland postage.