1. RTV

    DRL + Indicators ??

    Hi Folks, Since we live in a digital and LED era, I was wondering if there was any options to upgrade the stock ugly indicator/turn signal with something that will act as both turn signal and Day Running Light? So far, I've only seen the option from Rizoma but they're about 80 bucks PER...
  2. V

    Sequential LED Indicators

    Over the winter, I bought some sequential led indicators. I've also bought the led relay, and the mounting adaptors. Before I start this weekend, can anyone tell me where the indicator relay is sited please?
  3. D

    A'la audi led blinkers on MT09

    what do you think guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzVqwNOyP7I
  4. N

    For Sale 2016 Fluoro Yellow MT09

    Fully sorted MT 09 with Ohlins suspension and S Tec ECU flash complete with quickshift with auto blip on downchange. Just had service and handlebar clamp recall carried out, mileage 2500 will increase slightly Other extras fitted include Yamaha Akrapovic exhaust, Heated Grips, Engine protectors...
  5. Segmant

    Adapter plates for Oxford LED front indicators

    Hi, bought some Oxford LED turn signals for my 2017 MT-09, rears were very straight forward, went easily into the Yamaha talitidy, the fronts however look like i will need some sort of adapter plates, anyone already fitted any like this?
  6. C

    2017 Mt09 LED blinker wire diagram

    Does anyone who has LED lights or the blinker plus have a wiring diagram or instructions on how to wire these in? Rather struggling a bit right now. Any help would be incredible. Cheers!
  7. M

    LED indicators installed but permanently on???

    Hi, I am asking for help please. Today I installed a set on non oem led indicators, front and rear. I disconnected the battery negative and changed the flasher relay for an led one. The relay was fitted first and a temporary connection was made for the first LED indicator to test, it worked fine...
  8. H

    LED indicator opinion

    Does anyone have any advice or opinion on LED indicator mods? I'm looking for a good set of led's which look good and work well on the 09 Tracer. Appreciate any advice. Thanks Hampshirechap.
  9. stevecbr

    Headlight bulb replacement

    Changed my sidelight bulbs from the standard, old style bulbs for LED sidelights as they look much better, ie white light not the yellow. photo attached so you can see the 2 different types Problem is now the standard 55/60w H4 bulb looks yellow. Whats the best thing to change it for, was...
  10. T

    Fitting LED indicators

    Hi I am thinking of buying the Yamaha LED indicator set for my Tracer - I am wondering if they are easy to fit yourself or is it a dealer thing?
  11. G

    LED + DRL indicators

    Hi Has anyone heard that Yamaha may have stopped producing the Led indicators as there have been some problems with them? i have had tem on order since Feb 1 with no date of arrival as of today.
  12. J

    Buying from yamabits

    Has any one brought any thing from yamabits as I am looking at buying the tail piece and led turn signals but worry about the possible import/customs charges
  13. B

    Led indicators ?

    Was gonna change indicators lookin on ebay lots fom Hong kong anyone tried any of these and if so what you think,might go for yam led replacements just had quick look at front ones how are they fixed on I don't see a threaded end with nut and rear has [email protected] tail tidy by previous owner so they are...
  14. stevecbr

    MT-09 tracer spec

    just picked up next years brochure for the MT range, and apart from the looks of the tracer, main differences are: 1 the tracer has switchable traction control 2 its got an 18 litre tank 3 totally different clocks, the brochure describes it as a multifunction dot matrix instrument panel 4 LED...
  15. Niner

    Long time lurker from 'Murika!

    Hey guys... I am joining you guys from the "Land of Democracy". Hah! I bought a 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 in Liquid Graphite November 25th. I hope you guys don't mind pictures: The day I bought/rode her home from the dealership (it was -1C): During the 30 mile ride back home, I started the Motoman...
  16. Niner

    LED Brakelight with Integrated Turn Signals & Running Lights!

    My best friend, Hurtzdonut, is an EE and he took me up on a challenge I proposed to him... "Why not make a custom LED replacement board that combines the taillight/running light with the added functionality of turn signals for the Yamaha FZ-09?!" Well it didn't take him long to, not only...