1. O

    Left hand fork leg with rebound damping

    Has any one put right hand fork internals in left hand leg. So as to have two rebound adjusters. If so were they any good
  2. W

    Condensation 2017 Tracer 900

    Hi all Now the salt's mostly gone I've rescued my Lovely Tracer 900 from under it's breathable cover and gone for a blast,( my poor winter bike will be getting a rest!) Moisture was running down the led display and when I tried to wipe it off I realised it was on the inside! Has anyone else...
  3. Dan Sheridan

    Wanna buy used Givi LEFT crash pad

    This one saved my life but became unusable. Anybody has left one for sale? Europe preferable. I know that its the right one on photo but Im surely need the left one :)
  4. S

    Tracer Fork Oil

    Evening All I have just been trying to change the fork oil on my Tracer. Starting with the right hand leg the manual states 431 ml of oil should equate height of 175 mm. As I did not completely strip the fork just removed the cap, spacer and spring I knew it would not take the full 431 ml. I...
  5. Slappyhead

    Rear hanger/footpeg

    Hi all, Recently parted with my MT09 and now have an MT10. I'm trying to get hold of a Tracer rear left hanger for the footpeg. The hangers on the back of the MT10 mean you have to be a dwarf to fit on it. The Tracer ones will fit and are longer than the standard 09 ones. I managed to find the...
  6. pipski99

    Left mirror and front mudguard / fender needed

    Thanks to a couple of rookie mistakes (dropped the bike inside my garage) I find I'm in need of a genuine left hand mirror and a front mudguard for my MT-09 so if you have either or both available please give me a shout before I call the dealer for a shock when they give me their price. Thanks.
  7. Keechy

    Akrapovic Carbon

    Hi just picked up my new tracer (very nice) and was wondering if anybody out there has fitted the carbon Akrapovic exhaust? I took it off my MT09 and want to fit it to the Tracer, I know its possible but you have to remove the centre stand. With the Akrapovic you get a spacer to fill the gap...
  8. T

    CANBus ?

    anyone know if the MT09 uses a CANBus system ? trying to fit an HID kit and it keeps tripping, not blowing fuses, it just trips and I have to disconnect the power for a few seconds or if left it will come back on eventually, wondering if I need a CANBus HID kit :confused:
  9. M

    Frustration with OEM heated grips

    I've recently purchased some OEM Yammy heated grips for my Tracer. Fitment is excellent, however I noticed whilst riding on anything above the minimum heat setting the right grip becomes unbearably hot to the point it starts to burn my hand. Meanwhile the left grip only ever gets luke warm and...
  10. jay86jay


    I have squared off my rear tyre, being a new rider I have only the last few months started to really use the sides more, but with that and some good motorway mileage I am getting close to the limit on the top of the tyre ( after only 2600 mile) I have probably about 500 mile left on the tops so...
  11. lee1980

    Fuel Gauge accurate?

    Not had mine long done about 200 miles so far, though seem to have filled it up a few times already lol. Last time I was down to the last bar with 'E' on it not flashing and got 11 litres in, so about 3 left. When it starts flashing I think is next stage how much am i likely to have left then?