1. N

    No rear brake light

    A little advice please..just done my first ride of the year, bike stored in my garage. Front brake operates the rear light, but not when I try rear on its own. All other lights, indicators, horn fine. Anything else I can do, or is it visit dealer? Thanks in advance.
  2. K

    Battery terminals loose.

    I've just been connecting the lead for some heated gloves. put the live onto the solenoid so as not loose the connection so the clock stays on, then earth to battery, the bolt was finger tight? checked the live and it was loose, I don't know how it's run since getting it new last May, it went...
  3. I

    Rear light connection

    Can somebody point me in the direction of where the live rear light wire is. I want to connect a rear camera to it but not sure which is the correct wire. Thanks in advance.
  4. B

    Tail/Brake light controller

    Has anyone come across something similar available in the UK which allows a single additional LED light to work as tail\brake light? The IQ-260 Tail/Brake light controller is a stand-alone version of the controller used in our P3 rear lighting system. Skene Lights - motorcycle safety lighting
  5. Casey

    Tst rear integrated light

    Anyone got the Tst rear integrated rear light? Looks really smart & I'm seriously considering buying one, the only thing putting me off is that it is from America (anyone bought parts from America) don't want to get stung by customs. I've always liked the rizoma but I've heard it's not that bright.
  6. T

    Oil light anyone ?

    I have had my oil light come on (and stay on) a few times now on my 3 month old 1300 mile so far Tracer. The first time was just after the 600 mile service at the main dealer, on a ride back from Whitby. The road has a fairly steep incline through the village of Staithes, but not Alpine or...
  7. El Bandito

    2017 Tracer engine warning light

    Out and about today when I noticed the engine warning light was on. I was near my dealer so went straight there to get them to check. Seems they've had a few like this. They asked me if I'd been running the bike in gear on the centre stand. I'd just washed it and cleaned/lubed the chain with...
  8. T

    Newbie (although oldie) from Easty Yorks

    Having been there done that since my AP60 in 1976, I've just sold my collection of high maintenance, but ever so satisfying 70's 2 strokes, ad spent some of the profit on a 900 Tracer. I tried the XCXlow (being the wrong side of 5'5") and it was Ok, but then someone suggested looking at the...
  9. bumpyride

    New seat and tail light

    After being fobbed off that i couldnt fit a 2017 MT 09 comfort seat to my 2016 model by the Y-shop, Managed to get one from else where. All good fits just as bad as the original ( a bit loose) but looks heaps better, a tad higher and slightly wider, felt weird to begin with but its a big...
  10. M

    Camping chair review

    We've just returned from an Easter weekend camping break in Germany and I thought i'd let you guys know about my latest purchase. Chair One - Chairs - Helinox official European site and shop Light, comfortable and packs down to the size of a pair of shoes. After a long while of sitting on...
  11. C

    2017 number plate hanger.

    Another question related to the 2017 version. Would be good if the new 2017 had its own section on this forum. But here is my question on Yamaha website it shows the bike with a number plate up by the rear light. But nothing listed about it or even a Part number. So dose anyone know if it's...
  12. Jetty

    Modding tail light...

    Hi - Has anyone modified their tail light in favour of an after market one or the 2017 one? The previous looks like it was fitted as an after thought...
  13. stevecbr

    Headlight bulb replacement

    Changed my sidelight bulbs from the standard, old style bulbs for LED sidelights as they look much better, ie white light not the yellow. photo attached so you can see the 2 different types Problem is now the standard 55/60w H4 bulb looks yellow. Whats the best thing to change it for, was...
  14. Andy.Stewart

    Hi all, from Fife

    Just joined this forum after having my mt09 since March 2014. Really enjoy the bike nice and nimble and light.
  15. RipGroove

    [PHOTO's] Exhaust flames

    Post your exhaust flame photo's, because I'm bored. This was back when the bike had an EJK Fuel Controller and no Akrapovic baffle. They are frame exports from MPEG Streamclip from a video clip taken with a GoPro Hero3 Black (which explains the terrible low light noise and the super wide...
  16. T

    Hi temp Light

    Hello everyone, While riding my eye caught the Hi temp light flashing on the right screen of the tacho... i pulled over and switch off the engine. radiator fluid on the right side of the engine. the problem was a hole on the radiator from a little rock i suppose... after a few seconds i turned...
  17. C

    mt09 rear light fuse

    i have just fitted a tail tidy it appears the number plate light has blown a fuse I checked the main ones they seem fine I have no rear lights at all and no horn can any one help thanks:confused:
  18. M

    CFRP Mirrors, made in Japan

    Magical Racing's RR mirrors are the ultimate expression of high-end performance enhancements for your MT09. Perfectly crafted from complex 2 piece carbon mirror bodies, and billeted aluminium attachments, they are a true progression from ungainly, heavy OEM mirror units. Firstly, the RR mirrors...
  19. R

    What do you think of this ? MT-09 Rear Light Conversion

    Hi Everyone, Just wanting to get some feedback from you about a product we have been working on. We have developed a conversion kit for the rear light of the MT-09 which replaces the standard rear light with an oval LED light containing brake and tail lights. Here is a picture of our bike...
  20. O

    A5 Black Plastic Wallet

    Can someone tell me what the A5 size black plastic wallet is for that i found yesterday under the passenger seat up near the rear light, just seems a bit of a random thing to have on the bike.