1. C

    Mt09 2013 -2015 hel performance braided brake lines

    Full set of Hel lines for Abs version 7 lines in total, brought and not fitted because selling the bike , they are the carbon colour hoses with platinum banjo,s and all fixings as From Hel performance, paid £210 and will accept £170 plus postage , any questions please message me
  2. K

    Complete new suspension

    I have given up trying to get my suspension setup just right. In th past I have been spoilt with having customised or personalised suspension (Ohlins/Nitron, etc). So, I have just bitten the bullet and yesterday took delivery of my forks which have been kitted with an Andreani cartridge (with...
  3. K

    Braided Brake lines

    Has anyone fitted stainless braided brake lines to their Tracer? I am looking at perhaps buying a kit and doing the job myself. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
  4. O

    Boot and BRake lines

    Hi Guys Sadly my Mt 09 is no more after being taken out by a blind idiot doing a Uturn. I have a luggage rack and a set of braided brake lines (Wezmoto Full Length Race Front Braided Brake Lines Yamaha MT-09 2013-2014) up for grabs. value +-$450, happy to take $200 located in Terrey Hills, NSW...
  5. A

    Fitting 2015 R1 suspension/wheels to 2014 MT-09

    Guys, I recently upgraded my 2015 R1 and now have the stock suspension/wheels ( magnesium ) gathering dust in my garage. However, I also have a 2014 MT-09 which I would like to add these parts to if possible. I've already asked my Yamaha dealer about this and they suggested that the...
  6. D

    Core brake lines

    Brake lines finally arrived after paying £32 customs charge.robbing so an so's.
  7. P

    FZ-09: A Study Of Lines.

    Full Album: FZ-09 Lines - Imgur
  8. Bon

    Fitted These Today

    Fitted these today. Personally I reckon they clean the lines up nicely.
  9. MT09-Smurf

    Braided Lines for ABS version.

    Has anyone successfully installed new lines for abs version... It mentions in some posts that it's the same as non abs, but according Goodridge there are 5 pipes, £138.... 3 front 2 rear. Have checked on mine, the front loops from the resovoir to the ABS controller, then to 1st caliper then...