1. K

    Battery terminals loose.

    I've just been connecting the lead for some heated gloves. put the live onto the solenoid so as not loose the connection so the clock stays on, then earth to battery, the bolt was finger tight? checked the live and it was loose, I don't know how it's run since getting it new last May, it went...
  2. W

    Advice please

    Santa was v. generous this year with a fancy-dan TomTom sat nav. Need some advice as to the best wire to tap into for a switched live. Elektrickery is not my strong point - if i can't see it I struggle, and there's the risk of injury... ( I have the same problem with what my wife's thinking) I...
  3. B


    Hi 50 year old just bought a 2014 MT-09 ABS waiting for delivery I live in Scotland and am looking forward to the adventure Billy
  4. atomic

    New MT09 2017

    Nouveauté 2017 : Yamaha MT-09 - Intermot 2016 Like rear end( without rear FENDER :( ) and side panels. Front lights have to see in live...
  5. Tickly McNips

    Hi from Manchester.

    Hi all and greetings from sunny Manchester, I'll be picking up my Sport Tracker tomorrow if not Thursday from Wigan Yamaha and can't I wait! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! I went for a few options including the high level Akrapovic system, crash protectors (much nicer looking imo than any...
  6. lee1980

    Switched live where?

    Does anyone know an easy to access switched live that only comes on with the ignition? I am after adding some led running lights most likely in the air duct grills, not sure if either of them actually function for the air intake?
  7. relz

    My first ever Track Day - Serres, Greece

    Israel is way advanced as far as technology goes, but really behind as far as motorized sports go. We don't have a single decent race track in the whole country! A group of Israeli's race their motorbikes in eastern Europe as part of the Romanian Superbike Championship. One of them would like...
  8. MT09-LOZ

    Hello to everyone on the forum

    Hi All, My name is Loz and I am the proud new owner of an orange MT-09 and a new member of the forum. I live in Fife, Scotland, so lots of fantastic biking roads just on the doorstep :cool: