1. Nick The Car Guy

    Every 2016 model MT09 is an ABS model???

    Hello, As you can probably tell I'm a full-blown newbie to this forum, and to the MT-09. I've wanted one for years but am finally setting out to purchase one. I was told by the dealership that all 2016 and onwards models come standard with ABS, as I do a lot of daily riding in rain and on...
  2. bikeral


    I know the Tracer is aimed at the 50+ age group, just wondering am I the only one going against the grain. I brought the bike brand new for my 30th Birthday present to myself to replace my old and battered FZS600 I get that it is tailored for the older rider, but I have had a lot of fun in the...
  3. M

    Tracer headshake cure.

    Hi all, new to the forums but I thought i'd share my experience with the dreaded tracer high speed wobble that some, but not all experience. I generally ride 2-up, often with luggage as we do a lot of touring and suffered problems with the factory setup resulting in a vague front end under hard...
  4. Russ Quinlan

    First Year with the Tracer

    Well next week marks the 1st Anniversary of my purchase of my 2015 Tracer. I got it with about 800 miles on the clock and I have clocked up another 4000 since then. This is my first Yamaha, I have owned Hondas since 1970 (Still have a 1998 Blackbird) and have also tried a Triumph(955 Tiger)...
  5. trevorleigh

    New Axle Blocks

    Not being able to just near £100 for the Yamaha (Gilles) chain adjuster block, I picked these billet one up on Ebay for £35, arrived in a couple of days and fitted this morning. I think they look a lot nice than the OE ones, and seem to be a lot more sturdy. I also added a nice new stainless...
  6. atomic

    New MT 09 2016 owner

    Hello everyone ! Reporting as a new proud owner of matte gray 2016 MT 09. For some time following this forum. I wanted this bike when it came out in 2013, in the meantime I was the owner of Ducati Monster 796 ABS and although I really liked the bike, that was not it. Ducs have a great sound...
  7. Keechy

    Vibration through hands

    Having now got my Tracer and enjoying it very much I can't help noticing how much vibration I get through my hands. Ive always suffered a bit with numbness in the hands like most people but seem to get a lot more on the Tracer. Is there anything you can buy like special gloves or grips that...
  8. derek28862

    MT09 rally Squires cafe

    Went to Squires cafe on sunday where a lot of mt09 owners turned up,and got talking to 2 guys rob and not sure of the other lads name but they raced them and had a lot of knowledge and done a lot too there bikes, it was really nice to chat and they put me right on my suspension,and a few tips on...
  9. C

    Bridgestone tyres.

    Hey up, Just thought id share this , I put a pair of bridgestone s20 evos on, on Saturday what a difference , rear spring 2 from max, tightened the front .its a different handling bike its a lot more uncomfortable with being harder but its great handling im 14 half stone wife 12st :rolleyes:
  10. P

    Comfort seat

    Ordered a comfort seat set for the Tracer, received it last night and stuck them on. First impressions are that the seat is a lot firmer. I previously had my standard seat on the higher of the two settings, but with the comfort seat it felt like I was sitting on a hard cushion on my standard...
  11. B

    Australian in Japan

    Hi everyone . A quick introduction . Just got my new Tracer yesterday . Previous bikes here in Japan include 2 Honda Blackbirds ,Sportster and Suzuiki Intruder. Had my first real ride today on some pretty hairy twisties.Very different to the Blackbird but am looking forward to getting to know...
  12. K

    hi from worcestershire

    just wanted to say hello to everyone as yesterday at the age of 62 went and bought a new mt09 abs and should get it a week today. have had bikes since I was 13 yrs old including s4 monsters, sp2, zx6r, fz1n and a heck of a lot more. thought a year ago id give up biking but its always there in...
  13. RipGroove

    Stock suspension settings...

    I know this has been talked about a lot and there is already a lot of good info on the subject here on the forums but I found this today and I'm going to give it a try... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBPheLrnHVo Basically he weighs about 200lbs and has his suspension set to: Front Preload...
  14. derek28862

    yamaha remap

    Just got back from dealer with the remap done and made a lot of difference in std mode haven't done A mode yet
  15. T


    Is there still 69 threads running on how the bike cant be ridden without a remap since i got pissed off? I only got my little phone so i cant be arsed to look.... i got a lot of spare time up here Richie so i thought id pop back in for a bit :)
  16. S

    Akrapovic Titanium v Carbon

    Apart from the obviously looking different is there a lot of difference with noise and power etc. ?
  17. M

    smoked rear light.

    hmmm, just for fun ive got some lens tinting film in from china. this is mainly to do car lights as i get asked for it a lot. i thought id have a go at a MT rear lens cos theres a lot of tricky angles in there....... so heres the rear light tinted in light smoke the last 2 in bloody dark...
  18. B

    tyre pressures

    try letting some air out your rear tyre , as advised by jhs racing , i'm now running 36 psi front & rear . & now it feels a lot better , jhs also tweeked the suspension , now it's spot on !