1. L

    Hello from a new MT09er.

    Hi All, So, 3 years into my Mid Life Crisis on a 2010 Honda NT700VA I'm ready for the Hooligan! It was love at first sight. :p Still keeping the Honda for Commuting and Touring though. Steve.
  2. Mark Cousins

    Newbie from North Wales

    Hiya im Mark and i live in Llandudno. Im new to the forum but had my MT just over year now. Absolutely love it!!
  3. Watty2017

    Hello and great to be here

    Just purchased a Tracer 900 and just love it, looking forward to learning more about this great bike on the forum.
  4. bikeral


    Hi Newbie here Just thought i'd say hi. Currently own a Tracer for nearly two years. Before that FZS600, CBR600, R6 Yes I love do love a Yammy :D
  5. O

    kawasaki rear shock

    was thinking about changing rear shock for Kawasaki c1 or c2 . can any one tell me how the remote reservoir fits under the seat, there does not seem that much room under there. plus how do you alter the preload rings as they will be under the seat also .Has any one had good results from fitting...
  6. C


    From up North UK, County Durham Have a 2013 mt09 with a few mods, and absolutely love it. Also have a 09 R1 and a few other bikes. cheers
  7. LewFZ1

    Just have to love the French

    I was in Bordeaux yesterday at my sons place watching Liverpool hammer Swansea ?? well we won. On the way home roads along the river front was closed as there was a manifestation/protest by bikers. Must have taken at least 10/15 minutes to pass by. The number of bikers I heard hitting the rev...
  8. D

    Newb from Southampton

    Hi Guys/Gals Picked up my 2015 MT09 in blazing orange a few weeks back and absolutely love it. Dan
  9. S

    Newbie Ayrshire Scotland

    Hey folks, had my 2014 MT09 for a couple of months now. Loving it, quick, chuckable and wheelieable, plus love the noise of a triple with a full Akra ? Came hunting for info on ECU reflash...?
  10. D

    Hi anybody using a Mivv exhaust

    Hi there Is anybody using a Mivv exhaust if yes what do think of them do you loss power lower down or have any problems with them too loud etc would love some feed back as i was considering one. thanks in advance for any feed back ...
  11. AUS09

    G'day from Sydney

    Picked up my brand new MT09 abs a week ago! Couldn't be happier after coming off a super sport. So comfortable yet so Much torque throughout the rev range! Love this bike!????
  12. J


    Hi Guys just back from the Bike show and I was quite taken with the XSR900 as its mostly MT09 parts just wondered if there was any love for the new model here
  13. B

    Hi From Crewe, Cheshire.

    Hi All, Had my Tracer for a month now & just found this forum. Love the bike!
  14. jack591

    great site

    Hi all, Have been on this site a few times and thought id join up. Currently riding an mt-09 blazing orange model with a few extras and found this forum great in helping me with decisions. Come from a motocross racing background and I absolutely love this bike and it certainly hasn't dulled...
  15. Swagger

    The Bike Shed

    the Bike Shed - Cafe Racers, Street Trackers, Scramblers and Retro Custom Bikes. I think I'll head in to the big smoke in a couple of weeks and visit the The Bike Shed show. I fancy a bit of inspiration and I want a new project. Love cafe racers. The venue looks pretty cool too.
  16. S


    Hello all Picked mine up today and love it already!
  17. R


    Hi all newbie to the forum just got my MT09 and love it to bits Fletch
  18. derek28862


    Well i have bit the bullet and got the Ohlins rear shock and front cartridges on order hope this will make a difference as the original is dangerous on the twistys would love some feedback if you have changed yours and how its changed your riding
  19. Coopie

    I'm in love

    Well it's official ......... I'm deffinetly in love :) The moment I came to this conclusion was mid afternoon yesterday . I started the day with infatuation and lust . Just opening the garage door would make me think how good the MT-09 is in the flesh / metal . So the sun was out and we had...
  20. lee1980

    Possible MT-09 owner

    Hi, Just joined, I had a Cbr500r knocked off in October, I was ok bike written off now waiting on GAP policy if it pays out, will have big deposit for new mt-09 ABS. Local dealer has them with arrow full system for about 7400. Will get rest on yamaha finance. I will of course need a test ride...