1. RipGroove

    Kevxtx o2 sensor controller mod (UK)

    ***SOLD*** Kevxtx o2 sensor controller mod (UK) *** SOLD *** Removed from my bike today as I now have the Woolich Racing ECU flash with o2 sensor delete. This o2 mod is perfect if you want to smooth out your throttle a bit without having your ECU flashed. Very easy to fit (Kev's instructions...
  2. G


  3. paulb3375

    Trailer Addition / Modification

    So what do you reckon to my latest addition? Do you think it will catch on? And it was all going so well, had bike for exactly 1 month until some numpty ran up my chufter. Gutted. Well and truly gutted. Circa £1500 worth of damage and causing me loads of hassle ringing round etc...
  4. C

    Mt09 yamaha led blinker plus

    Has anyone had these blinkers fitted to their bike? And if you have in the UK have you had any issues with being pulled over or failing the mot? Really want to fit them to my bike however I'm unsure of the legality of it
  5. C

    2017 horn mod.

    I have just started reading the forums and thought the horn mod sounds great. So I started stripping the trims only to find that Yamaha have now filled that location with wiring plugs. The horn mod can not be done on the 2017 MT09.
  6. ib1-2

    Mirror mod

    What I consider to be the best mod for the Tracer. Mirror extensions. I was fed up at looking at my elbows, especially as my previous bike had fantastic mirrors. Fitted these and problem solved, great rear view and mirrors extend a few mil further than the bars depending how you've set them up...
  7. Juvecu

    2015 MT-09 Tracer in "Race Blu" + Kev mod For Sale

    Selling my Tracer, it's on eBay: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer ABS - Excellent Condition - Radiator Guard - Frame Sliders | eBay Would be best to get hold of me via eBay/phone number listed on the classified, I check that more often than forum messages. Also have a Kev Mod going, £55 posted, UK only...
  8. Banksy

    Kev mod

    Got a kev fueling mod for sale.. £45 Inc post. Pm if interested.. Banksy
  9. Banksy


    Arrow full system for sale, £400. Pm if interested.. Banksy
  10. MartinB

    17 Tooth Front Sprocket ?

    Guys and Girls Anybody know where I can get a 17 tooth front sprocket for a MT09? I know what it does, and the implications of such a mod, but I still want to try it. Thanks all
  11. A

    Fuel bottle

    Has anybody carried a fuel bottle with them on their MT09? Similar to this one? Primus Aluminium Multi Fuel Bottle 1 Litre: Sports & Outdoors I seen this mod on a F800 GS.
  12. J

    I now have two profiles sorry

    Hi I don't know if a mod can sort this out I was unable to log in as normal as my username. Jess24845030 so did the sign in with face book option and have ended up with another profile as jess wright . Now I,m really not a very tec person so am now confused. If a mod wants to delete the...
  13. marksim

    A few mods done

    Well nearly there with my finished MT Heres a list of mods done and some pics just waiting for PCV and 5th/6th gear limiter mod off Kev and On/Off setup for ABS. Carbon Akra system Ohlins shock and Andreani cartridges Brembo RCS master cylinder Full length ABS Braided hoses Track pads R1 5VY...
  14. 2

    Low Profile Gauge MOD

    Not sure if you guys were aware of this, my buddy is working on his FZ09 and I stumbled across this, it centers the gauge and tucks it in nicely.....Yamaha FZ-09 Low Profile Gauge Bracket - Greggs Customs Yamaha FZ-09 Low Profile Gauge Bracket - Greggs Customs
  15. kevxtx

    kev's next mod

    Photo's to come
  16. A

    Sargent seat has arrived

    My next mod MT-09 Motorcycle Seat
  17. C

    Fork preload adjusters

    Please don't attempt this mod unless your competent an confident of what your doing:cool:
  18. D

    Sticker cheap mod

    couple of stickers very cheap