1. M

    MT 09 2016 ABS co2 settings

    can anyone help i have followed instructions on how to reset co2 settings on my bike i have held down both buttons switched on ingnition and waited but alas nothing do i need to set mode to std and traction control to 1 or 2 or do i have a fault with the diplay
  2. barton

    hi from south wales

    Picked up a 14 plate mt09, First impressions A mode violent and suspension as less damping control then a space hopper. Got K-Tech kit going on shortly. Whats the score with the throttle abruptness. I got 15 R1 and people think they have a snappy throttle they should try one of these. I have...
  3. J

    newbie questions

    Hi everyone, I just owned a second hand mt09 in hong kong. Is there idle adjustment on the bike?? Fast idle adjustment too? CO adjustment, whats the guideline? A mode more mileage? Other method to fix surging throttle response? Lower handlebar/riding position suggestion? Many thx everyone
  4. TIM80

    Old School

    All you hear today on new motorcycles is wether it has ABS , Traction Control, Slipper Clutch, Ride Modes, Cruise Control and other rider aides . Have we all gone soft ? Are we trying to circumvent Darwin's natural order of selection ? Whatever happen to riding by the seat of your pants and...
  5. K

    Clock 12/24 ???

    Hi, I did an extensive search and can only find one thread concerning changing the clock from 12hr to 24hr and it was stated that it couldn't be done, but someone else stated they thought theirs was in the 24hr mode.? The handbook doesn't give an option for it so I suspect that it's not do-able...
  6. A

    Drag racing tips

    Hey people , I am hoping to be riding the strip at santapod on Sunday (weather dependant). Have recently had my 2016 mt09 mapped by Simon at s tec with the addition of a quick shifter. does anyone have any tips for me ? Should I use a mode as I always use it or try b to curb the throttle...
  7. E

    2014 mt 09

    MT-09 Non abs £5,500 Morecambe / lancashire 2014 reg new M4 slip on with removable baffle £ 350 New custom made gel seat, £250 just had 12k service inc iridium plugs Bmc air filter and air box mod Oil and filter New rear wheel bearings New tyres New tail tidy aftermarket ecu flash from reputable...
  8. L

    Evening from Bristol

    Ello Have found myself to be the proud owner of a new MT09 Street Rally after 10yrs on a z750 and I'm rather excited! I was visiting a patient at home, saw this awesome bike in his neighbour's garden, discovered my bike dealer had one in stock, test ride a week later, purchased the day after...
  9. LewFZ1

    Oxford heated grips

    Are these fitted as standard? my bike is second hand so not sure. I am still waiting on the stealer to supply me with the owners manual and service record book. There are two settings for the grips Hot or Warm(lower setting) When in the lower setting is there an LED warning light? When in hot...
  10. C

    A Mode

    I have had my 09 for over a year now and I am slowly getting it to a great bike, so far the suspension has been changed to Ohlin’s rear and Andreani front cartridges and all set up by FTR Suspension. H & M quick shifter, a great sounding Leo Vinci full exhaust, and Pirelli Supercorsa’s. The...
  11. Locksmith

    I've probably said it before....

    ...... But what a feckin awesome bike the MT is. 150 miles of A mode fun in the sun. Roll on a couple of weeks when we hit the Alps together :)
  12. J


    Have ordered a new mt09 in blazing orange abs but after talking to a mt owner this afternoon he said I must be mad coming from a cb500f to a 09 Any thing I should be worried about Did not kill my self on the test ride but did keep it in b mode
  13. S

    Yamaha Tracer First impressions from 0 miles

    Well donned the cold weather gear and set of with heated grips set at full this morning. It was clear how good a job hand guards do as I quickly reduced the setting on heated grips as they were too warm even though it was only 3 degrees outside temperature. Well riding bike I have to say...
  14. derek28862

    yamaha remap

    Just got back from dealer with the remap done and made a lot of difference in std mode haven't done A mode yet
  15. A

    Cut out on M25!

    Has anyone else had a cut out, and its their fault ! I pressed the mode button twice, to take it out of 'A' mode and back into 'STD'. I must have slipped a thumb on the kill switch as it cut out. Lucky I was in the inner lane of the M25. Only once I stopped did I work out what I had done...
  16. Locksmith

    Is the MT-09 the best bike I've had?

    I'm not usually one for performance modding. Whilst I loved the std MT I felt I wanted to change it for the better. Ohlins shock and fork springs have transformed the handling. I still have some fettling to do but its all good. Kevs o2 controller and an EJK fuel controller have turned the...
  17. lee1980

    Woohooo on A mode! lol

    Yesterday was one of the warmest and driest days since I got bike at beginning of year, on about 350 miles now so still breaking in but my god even under 6k in A mode its mental:eek::eek:, I didnt find it to snatchy just much more grunty and almost sounded more mean lol. I have to say I thought...
  18. Fireblade Refugee

    I made the mistake of a test ride

    Thanks to your very own Triple Trouble I been taking a close look at the MT09, which had never really captured my attention before. He told me it's a bike that likes to wheelie in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. While I'm not one for hoisting the front wheel on purpose, this kind of behaviour in a bike...
  19. S

    Is it possibe to change clock from 12 to 24 hrs mode?

    Hi! I have MT-09A and clock on a dash is in 12 hours mode (AM/PM going me crazy :eek:) Is it possible to change it to 24 hours mode?