1. A

    Assist and slip clutch

    Any one managed to fit the 2017+ assist and slip clutch to a 2013-2016 model ?
  2. L

    Brembo M4 calipers

    Anyone fitted them to a 2017 model yet? If so what size spacers did you need, if you needed any at all?
  3. Littlebruv


    Hi all Anyone fitted either the V or E system to an MT-09 / Tracer yet ?, if so where as the reservoir been fitted on your particular model
  4. Jetty

    Headlight unit for 2015 model MT-09.

    Hi - Am after a whole headlight unit for a '15 model, if any one has one... I don't like to look of the Chinese ones on Ebay! :/
  5. Rob_h

    Barracuda infill panels - 2016?

    Hi, Just seen these on Fleabay, Barracuda infill covers I have asked the seller if they will fit am MT09 2016 ABS model, he has no idea and just says 2107 on, its a new product so probably hedging his sales, anyone fitted them to a 2016 ABS model? I think they look way better than the plastic...
  6. M

    Yamaha MT 09 Tracer radiator guards?

    Hello all, cheers from London. Im looking a yamaha tracer radiator guards.Im interested lovely this model YAMAHA-MT-09-TRACER-RADIATOR-GUARDS MT 09 radiator guards | eBay How do you think?
  7. F

    late 2014 mt09

    Hi! I just bought a MT09 from a local dealership and they say it is a 2015 model, but when i look it up it says its a 2014 model. The bike was made in december 2014. Ive Heard that the 2014 models have a crappy fuelmap. Do i have to worry if the bike was made that late in 2014? Hope someone have...
  8. P

    Wanted rear ohlins for mt 09 2017 model

    Wanted rear ohlins for 2017 mt09 model to suit 95kg-100kg rider must be good condition cash waiting contact Neil 07831 586691
  9. T

    MT09Tracer 2017 model, 1300 miles

    Yeah, I'm not loving it, its a great bike for sure, and is a 2017 model in Forest Green with all the options, ABS / throttle maps and the like, it just doesn't "involve" me. Clearly, at this mileage, like new, all the bugs get washed off after ever ride and the like, 1st service done at 550...
  10. L

    Chainguards for 2017 model

    Hi, Does anyone know if aftermarket chainguards made for 2014 to 2016 models will fit my 2017? The swingarms look the same but can never be sure with model updates. I want to get rid of the ugly cable duct chainguard as mine had a tail-tidy fitted from new. Thanks
  11. D

    Carbon fibre bits

    Hi all....was just wondering if anyone knows of any UK or France based companies that sell carbon fibre bits and pieces for the 2017 MT 09....been on a few sites and can't see much for the new model or am I going blind in my old age....ta in advance
  12. NotesNut

    MT09 - 2017 Panniers

    Hi, I can't find any for the new model. Does anyone have any suggestions? Graeme
  13. Yam MT 09

    2017 radiator cover

    hi all , just been looking at the genuine yamaha accessories website , they are listing a radiator cover to replace the original cover on the 2017 model . to any 2017 model owners , is there a radiator cover then ? to any other model owners , does anybody know if the radiators will be the same...
  14. Chuck Thrillseeker

    Whats the Difference between the 2015 model and the 2016 model?

    Hi am still in the process of choosing my MT-09 Tracer and wondered what did Yamaha do to improve/tweek the 2016 model over the 2015 one cheers Chuck
  15. B

    New Tracer Owner

    Hi I'm Blackie. I'm from N Yorkshire here in the UK. Had my Tracer a week, and I'm very happy with it. I got the Mistral Grey model, which is really navy (ish) blue and grey. Look forward to chatting with you all, and learning.
  16. D


    Thinking about selling my as new 16 reg mt09 abs, 1000 miles mature owner, black and red. 2016 model any body interested? sensible offers thanks dave
  17. D


    Thinking about selling my as new 16 reg mt09 abs, 1000 miles mature owner, black and red. 2016 model any body interested? sensible offers thanks dave
  18. V

    new CNC short levers

    the best £45 ever invested :D I have the same on my old Fazer, although the Fazer ones were only £17. Apparently chinese manufacturers are profiteering here cause MT09 is new bike model. Anyhow I have to say they work great for me. No more trapped fingers :cool:
  19. B

    Hi from Isle of Man

    Hi just a quick hello from the Isle of Man. Picking my new MT09 up at weekend ,it's a 2015 model , but not yet registered. can't wait ☺
  20. H

    2016 MT09 diag menu still accessible?

    Hoping a fellow 2016 model owner can give an insight if the diag menu is still accessible. As i could not get to mine to change the CO settings. I have done what the other thread has explained but to no avail. If youve done it on a 2016 model please explain how :)