1. JohnD


    Added a bracket under the fairing mount to fit my car GPS.
  2. Littlebruv

    Palmer products

    Finally, I have now fitted the Palmer products screen mount and screen to my 2017 Tracer 900 The mount is not only adjustable up and down but also tilt back and forth, the screen appears to work ok as well. A few pictures added
  3. F

    2009 ZX6R rear shock for tracer

    Sold !!!!!!
  4. paulb3375

    HEED Engine Bars

    Anybody got these? Just spotted on ebay and they look good, come with clip on bags too (i'm easily persuaded). Looking for options to mount spotlights rather than engine pars per se, but would be interested to hear opinions.
  5. D

    MT-09 Tracer Tank Bag and filler cap mount - used once

    Hi there, am selling my Tracer tank bag and mount. Used once for a three day trip . Mint condition. Comes with Yamaha bag and instructions. Cost nearly £200 new.. looking for £140 inc postage . 16litres-22litres part no YMEFTBAGTR01.
  6. Hexme

    Sat Nav mounting - Above the clocks

    Morning all, Looking to mount my Garmin Zumo above the clocks where I can best see it. Firstly, I remember seeing some pictures on here of someone that had done this but for the life of me can't find them now! Can some kind sole point me in the right direction? Secondly, I've just purchased a...
  7. ib1-2

    Heel guards

    Whoever designed the heel plates as a one piece must have gone home early that day. They scuff like mad and you can't replace them without changing all of the foot rest mount. So to cover the scuffs I did this, not perfect but looks better.
  8. S

    R&G Heated Grips

    Treated myself (along with Ram Mount ball) at the Bike Show to some R&G Heated Grips The garage is freezing today, but thought I would at least offer it to the bike. All seems well, but how the hell do I slacken those bar ends. ?? I remember them being tight on other bikes but not this bad It...
  9. donut

    Sat Nav Mount interferes with Tank Bag

    I have just bolted on my Yamaha sat nav mount, wired in my Tom Tom Rider dock and bolted it to the mount in preparation for this years trip to the TT and general finding out where the f%ck I'm going. When I'm out and about I often use a tank bag - in my case I use a Givi tank lock system...
  10. T

    RAM mount for Satnav TOM-TOM Rider fitted

    As I like to swap my satnav between my different bikes, I installed a RAM-ball mount on the left mirror clamp. You just exchange the std bolt for the elongated one from the RAM-ball. 12 Volt is taken from the standard power socket.
  11. F

    sticky out number plate thing!

    hello all, im picking up my mt09 tracer thursday this week, can you remove the long bracket inbetween the plate holder and bolt the existing mount under the seat? or do i need a tail tidy? thanks in advance :)
  12. J

    Handlebar clamp bolts .

    Can anyone tell me what size bolts are in the handlebar clamps . Looking at getting a ball thingy to replace one of them to try to mount my phone to use as a sat nav . Thanks guys , gals