1. W

    I thinks it's officially dead...

    This place sure does suck considering it's "The largest Yamaha MT-09 / FZ-09 Forum on the Internet!."
  2. K

    For Sale: - 2014 MT-09 ABS

    THIS BIKE IS NOW SOLD.... This is my MT-09 in purple first registered 01/09/2014 and is now for sale due to my having recently purchased a new bike, I acquired the MT-09 around 18months ago with 776 recorded miles from one previous owner. Myself, retired being the being the second owner, at...
  3. M

    Fitting Givi Engine Bars

    Hi, I have bought some second hand Givi Engine bars from someone who had an MT-09 Tracer but sold it and kept the engine bars. I have the Givi instructions, but as usuall they are pretty minimalistic! Can anyone who has fitted the engine protection bars give me a description of what to do to...
  4. M

    automatic canceling turn signals

    Hi Do you have any suggestion which canceling turn signal add on is best for MT-09?
  5. Ronnie

    Ronnies Yamaha MT 09 in the Superbike class

    Hi, I thought I would post some pics from down under. Racing the Yamaha MT-09 in the Superbike class at Ruapuna, Christchurch, New Zealand.
  6. D

    MT-09 Bar end weights (genuine Yamaha)

    Genuine Yamaha MT-09 bar end weights... used on my Tracer to do away with hand guards. Much better at higher speeds. Cost £19 each sell for £18 for both inc postage.
  7. I

    Fixing / Covering up scratch :(

    I found this scratch on my tank, I have no idea how it got there I noticed it after I had it parked outside a coffee shop for 30 mins not sure what caused it. Since it's pretty deep i was thinking i could perhaps cover it up with a sticker however i'm not sure what i should place in that...
  8. D

    New MT-09 owner for the worst of reasons

    Hi all, I've bought a new MT-09 today as my old bike (A Honda NC750S) was stolen from some time during the night. As is tradition I guess, I thought I'd join up the forum, and say hello to everyone before launching into all the usual new onwer questions :D I was actually looking at the Yamaha...
  9. andz

    2017 MT-09 seat....too short

    I did a search so apologies if this has been discussed. A few weeks ago I took the 2017 MT-09 for a test ride, with my wife on the back. We have been riding a 2004 FZ-6 since, well, 2004 and when we got back from the ride Mrs A said that she had crapped herself the whole ride because she felt...
  10. T

    What competition would you choose for a MT-09 comparative review?

    Hi, guys, My friends have a motorcycle media project, and they want to make a comparative review for a MT-09 (2017). They would really use some suggestions from Yamaha MT-09 fans. So, is there any specific competitor would you pick for such a test? Thanks in advance for your suggestions...
  11. Sam

    New member from portugal

    Hi everyone, My name is Samuel, from Portugal. A couple of days ago I bought a brand new 2017 MT-09 (actually I'm going to pickup the bike today from the seller :D ) I traded my 2010 R1 crossplane for the MT-09. Mainly because I cannot handle the R1 anymore (my back hurts, and I mainly ride on...
  12. B


    Hi from Limassol. Off to order my MT-09 today! Cheers!
  13. MikeDutt5

    New MT-09 owner from northwest

    Hi, Had the bike almost a month now and love it. Planning on keeping this bike for good. Its an orange Mt-09 with an akrapovic Ti system and tailtidy. Since having it I have fitted tracer pillion brackets and 50mm drop vario pegs, as I mainly ride 2 up (the tracer wouldve been a good idea but i...
  14. M

    What setting on 2017 mt-09 with ejk, arrow and k&n

    Hi, Im from Holland and i need Some information about the EJK module. I just broke in my new 2017 mt-09. Ordered the full arrow exhaust with titanium silencer (Without cat) and a K&n air filter. Also Ordered the EJK module from a local dealer. I hope Im not bothering you with my question...
  15. M

    New mt-09 from Holland

    Im new in the mt-09 World. Had kawa z750 before this. I have the new 2017 grey/yellow mt-09. Sorry for my english. Its not the best. Hope to learn a lot About my new bike and have lots of questions. Already Ordered a titanium arrow silencer with the arrow headers. Also ordered K&n filter...
  16. J

    2017 mt-09

    Hi MT-09 gurus! Can anyone help me? Just got my new MT-09 a little over a week ago and I came here looking for recommended suspension settings. I'm probably about 200 lbs with all my gear on and I ride mostly canyon roads--some very smooth sections and some really bad concrete sections where...
  17. O

    Boot and BRake lines

    Hi Guys Sadly my Mt 09 is no more after being taken out by a blind idiot doing a Uturn. I have a luggage rack and a set of braided brake lines (Wezmoto Full Length Race Front Braided Brake Lines Yamaha MT-09 2013-2014) up for grabs. value +-$450, happy to take $200 located in Terrey Hills, NSW...
  18. T

    Over or Yoshimura

    I want to modify my MT-09 exhaust. I'm wondering if I should buy over or yoshimura. Which recommend?
  19. Marco A. S. Garcia

    Regards from Brasil

    Hi folks, Yamaha MT-09 Tracer came to Brasil last year. Now I´m a happy owner and wishing to share some experience and mainly learn a lot with you Sorry for my poor english :o Marco
  20. bloggsy

    2017 mt-09

    Took the 2017 MT-09 for a demo the other day it was the grey with the fluorescent wheels, it is the same as the earlier model but it has a quickshifter and a slipper clutch which are good, the engine is smoother but still has the annoying transmission whine in 2nd 4th and 6th gears which seems...