1. JohnD

    Newbie from Down Under

    Just been able to post, so Hi. Red 15 Tracer.
  2. G


  3. K

    newbie from Yorkshire

    Is there any one here? posted a welcome but it's gone? Well it seems to be working now, I bought a new 2017 ABS MT09 a week ago, done 400 miles on it and liking it a lot, it's the replacement for the FZ6N that I bought new in 2006 and wrote off in Feb. 2016, fractured my shoulder blade and...
  4. bikeral


    Hi Newbie here Just thought i'd say hi. Currently own a Tracer for nearly two years. Before that FZS600, CBR600, R6 Yes I love do love a Yammy :D
  5. C

    london newbie

    hi everyone my name is chris I am 55 just got a an mt09 on a 15 plate traded in my 15 plate mt07 for it from slocombes in London only had it a few months just got back into bikes had a fair few strokers in the eighties :D
  6. N


    Hi newbie here, Nick,from,Chester,
  7. R


    Hi all newbie to the forum just got my MT09 and love it to bits Fletch
  8. bikergirl400


    Newbie here and I've just placed an order for a new Tracer!! Super excited however not available until May/June. Not sure how I'm going to hold out that long!! Test rode the bike on Monday and just loved it and a fab upgrade from my little VFR 400 I currently have. :)
  9. H


    liking the look of mt-09 tracer
  10. S

    Hi guys newbie here from Swansea (UK)

    Hi guys newbie here from Swansea (UK). Ordered my MT 09 street rally with akrapovic and will be taking delivery on the 1st oct counting down the days.
  11. marcusfordus

    MT-09 less

    My bike went today so look out for a newbie dropping in onto the site soon. Nice bike, but I just wanted something else.