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    Rear Shock

    My 2014 MT09 feels like a 1970's bike when on bumpy B roads around Sussex I know there has been a lot said on the forum about the poor quality rear shock but can I ask the owners who have change the shock for a Nitron is there a big difference? I have tried to adjust the pre-load and re-bound...
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    Looking for a Aftermarket Rear Shock

    Looking to see if anyone is selling a aftermarket shock for the MT-09 Will consider anything but esp K-tech or Nitron or anything else really that would be a upgrade.
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    Tracer lowering Links for sale

    Hi all, I am selling my Genuine Yamaha Accessory rear suspension lowering links (Dogbones). They were fitted for 2000 miles and are in good condition complete with instructions. Seat height lowered by 15 mm according to Yam brochure. Replaced as I now have a new shorter Nitron shock. Asking...