1. Toppie

    Yamaha aftermarket luggage

    I have a set of OEM Yamaha luggage. It's that semi-hard case option that look nice but is next to useless for me. Does anyone know if there's any of those aluminium square box type options that'll fit on the Yamaha OEM brackets?
  2. Toppie

    Replacing OEM chain adjusters MT-09 Tracer

    I've replaced the Monkey-Metal OEM chain adjusting blocks on my Tracer. Much easier to use! See link below........... Motorcycle Drive Chain Adjuster.wmv - Google Drive
  3. B


    took oem exhaust off fitted nice black widow ..oem weighs nearly 9kg,s... kin ell
  4. 2

    Battery dead, time for a new one

    Guys, hoping to get a steer on a new battery, mines dead so I need to get a new one, what's the alternatives to a OEM one ?
  5. T

    Standard exhaust mod... 2nd edition

    took delivery of the new Tracer on 1st, on the 2nd we started this... Cut the top off... Removed the innards... Empty box... Original exit pipe removed and 50mm exit pipe temporarily tacked in... Next will be tacking the top back on to test fit and get the correct angle for the exit...
  6. B

    190/50 section rear tyre

    I happen to have a new 190/50 Dunlop Roadsmart 2, which I got for another bike that I've since got rid of, and I was wondering if it might fit the MT-09. Looking at the OEM Dunlop 214 180/55 rear tyre there doesn't seem to be a lot of clearance to fit a wider one, so initially I thought...