1. O

    oil for andreani fork cartridges

    Hy lads. have got hold of some new andreani cartridges for MT 09. can any one give me any advice on fitting these to bike. Do you have to use ohlins oil as have been told that ohlins is only for track use. also read that you have to set up pins that are under the fork caps before you fit to...
  2. P

    Wanted rear ohlins for mt 09 2017 model

    Wanted rear ohlins for 2017 mt09 model to suit 95kg-100kg rider must be good condition cash waiting contact Neil 07831 586691
  3. P

    Correct spring for Ohlins 535 rear sock.

    After installing the Ohlins spring kit on the front, I'm ready to buy the ohlins 535 for rear of my MT09 2017. My weight is 67KG without gear. The usage of the bike will be 90% road riding and occasionally track riding. What spring should i use? The standard is 95N. Do I have to go with 90N...
  4. D


    Well today I had my first ride on my 2014 MT 09 after my mods which are ,YA535 ohlins shock, andreani cartridge kit , s-tec flash, and I fitted Dunlops D212 medium front ,endurance rear , the whole package is mega it feel like it's on rails and the flash has transformed the bike , my mate said I...
  5. highlander

    Deepest Aberdeenshire

    'morning from the Shire! picked up a 2015 with ABS, 2k miles last week and I'm one 100 mile ride into ownership. This is the most modern bike I've owned by a good ten years or more, and it shows - what a motor! Need to get fuelling sorted either by sending ECU away for reflash maybe here...
  6. S

    Ohlins ya335 on tracer?.

    Anyone fitted a ohlins ya335 to there tracer? If so we're there any differences in length etc? I ask because the mt09 and mt09 tracer have different parts numbers on there rear shocks,the only ohlins dealer that seemed to no what they were on about were BGmotorsport and they said it will fit but...
  7. S

    Wanted tracer rear after market rear shock.

    As above would like a rear shock for my tracer I.e ohlins,wilbers,hyperpro etc.
  8. H

    ohlins shock

    for sale ohlins shock 46someting model. Had it rebuilt to my weight with gear about 90kgs and set up for mt 09. the shock has remote com/damping and remote spring adj also has rebound adj on base of shock. The shock has not been on bike since rebuiled and bike is now for sale.[too old]. I would...
  9. Fluke

    Ohlins fork spring question

    Evening all I stuck a pair of the lovely Ohlins springs in the front and kept the oil the same so as to change one thing at a time. I'm now ready to change the oil for something thicker. Anyone got any experience of this and any advice/tips etc. Ta much, Fluke
  10. duffy

    Shock Vote

    Hello everybody (1st post), I have done a lot of reading on the forum about shock replacement, and hope to have my new ride delivered at the weekend. I have decided for now to change the rear, stiffen up the front to see if it is OK for me, but my question is for those that have already upgraded...
  11. FreakyFreak

    Ohlins steering damper

    Hi guys, Looks like Ohlins have come out with a steering damper for the MT-09. AMMORTIZZATORE DI STERZO OHLINS + KIT ATTACCHI YAMAHA MT-09 | eBay Cheers
  12. B

    Which fork springs

    I have just ordered the 20mm fork valving kit from gp suspension ,gonna change fork springs as well local shop to me do ohlins springs that are a std fit 9.00nmm,guys in gp suspension do springs they are there own custom brand has anyone used them or would they be just the same as ohlins just...
  13. Locksmith

    Fork Oil ?

    Acquired some ohlins fork springs off of a member. Ohlins recommend their 01309 oil which is 19 centistoke at 40 degrees (WTF?) Now that's not readily available and no doubt will cost a fortune so what SAE fork oil should I use? I'm guessing 5 or 10W ?