1. UnluckySlats

    Engine oil

    What oil recommendations do we have for the MT09 Sp mine is due it’s service shortly so I want to see what everyone else is using.
  2. O

    oil for andreani fork cartridges

    Hy lads. have got hold of some new andreani cartridges for MT 09. can any one give me any advice on fitting these to bike. Do you have to use ohlins oil as have been told that ohlins is only for track use. also read that you have to set up pins that are under the fork caps before you fit to...
  3. R

    Front fork mods

    It's that time of year to get some modifications done and I'm think front forks (I have a ZX6RR rear shock fitted). Has anyone fitted K-Tech's springs, valve kit and compression adjusters? did you do it yourself? if not, who fitted them? what oil and weight? And what's your verdict on the...
  4. MT09vietnam

    Oil for MT 09 2017

    hello guys, I'm a newbie, please tell me what kind of oil engine for MT 09: Motul is ok ? thanks all from vietnam
  5. W

    Fully synthetic oil used,next change can I revert to semi synthetic

    I used fully synthetic oil on my 6k service. Just wondering if I can use semi synthetic oil on my next change or do I have to use fully synth every time once fully is used? Thanks. Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find what I was looking for in search.
  6. T

    Oil light anyone ?

    I have had my oil light come on (and stay on) a few times now on my 3 month old 1300 mile so far Tracer. The first time was just after the 600 mile service at the main dealer, on a ride back from Whitby. The road has a fairly steep incline through the village of Staithes, but not Alpine or...
  7. P

    Front Forks oil level MT-09 2017

    What's the fork oil level for right and left legs? Anyone with a service manual for the 2017 models? thanks
  8. LewFZ1

    Oil Change

    Anyone ever had to burp the oil filter after doing an oil & Filter change?
  9. L

    Which oil

    Hi guys I'm asking a question that has probably been asked many times before but as I am new to the forum and don't yet know my way round I thought I would pose the question to you good people. The question is which oil for the engine, I have read many different reviews on the internet with so...
  10. S

    Tracer Fork Oil

    Evening All I have just been trying to change the fork oil on my Tracer. Starting with the right hand leg the manual states 431 ml of oil should equate height of 175 mm. As I did not completely strip the fork just removed the cap, spacer and spring I knew it would not take the full 431 ml. I...
  11. H

    Stock fork oil on MT-09, what SAE number?

    Hi, do you know somone what SAE number fork oil is original(stock) in MT-09 forks? I have made 2 right cartridges modification with Hyperpro progresive springs and put in 10W Motul fork oil factory line with 145mm oil level and i think it is too heavy? So do you know what is the number of...
  12. LewFZ1

    Cleaned chain today

    Nothing strange about cleaning the chain. I had a good go at it today removed the front sprocket cover for the first time since I owned the bike. I run with a Tutoro oiler which is a great bit of kit.I was amazed though at the amount of oily residue around the front sprocket and engine casings...
  13. Z

    First oil change

    Next week I will be doing my first oil change on the MT09. I like to change it just before winter and just before summer. I was looking at the service manual I got with the bike (on a USB stick - very handy!!!) and it says that the torque settings on the sump bolt is 43nm :confused: this must be...
  14. relz

    Busted Engine

    I was taking my bike out for a spin, a couple of days ago, when suddenly there was a strange grinding :eek: sound and the engine cut off. Immediately I pulled over with the bike is steaming up from burned oil, which leaked over the hot exhaust pipes. I had no idea what went wrong, and where...
  15. L

    Mt 09 oil lamp

    Hey guys, the oil lamp suddnly showed up after 18k.. someone knows what can it be? Maybe its because the 20k service coming up?(just guessing)thanks guys
  16. M

    Black/clear oil and grating sound on accel

    Hi all, Wondered if anyone had come across this issue - Yesterday I noticed a slight grating sound. Didn't think it was anything and most likely just the chain. However this morning it was more pronounced and seems to be coming from transmission side. I have not have much time to troubleshoot...
  17. Fluke

    Ohlins fork spring question

    Evening all I stuck a pair of the lovely Ohlins springs in the front and kept the oil the same so as to change one thing at a time. I'm now ready to change the oil for something thicker. Anyone got any experience of this and any advice/tips etc. Ta much, Fluke
  18. emptyoh9

    Crashed damaged clutch and oil pump covers

    Hi guys and gals, Finally got my new covers fitted onto my bike and don't plan on keeping the old ones. Not sure if they'll come in handy for someone else. I have a clutch and oil pump cover for sale on eBay if anyone is interested or knows someone that wants them. I had them both on the...
  19. X

    Oil consumption

    I am thinking about an MT-09. I have owned a number of non-Japanese bikes, a BMW R1100GS, KTM 950 Adv, Buell Ulysses, and they all used a fair amount of oil between oil changes. None of the Japanese bikes I've owned have used a drop. Does the MT-09 use any? I'm rather hoping not.
  20. Fluke

    Like a pogo stick on steroids! Help wanted please.

    I exaggerate a bit of course but... Since putting Ohlins springs in my otherwise completely standard forks, with standard ten weight oil, my front forks are stiffer but a bit bouncy. What I mean is they compress and rebound a bit quickly. My mechanic suggested a heavier fork oil but I wanted to...