1. I

    New seat

    Have just replaced the OEM with a Sargent heated seat. Not had a chance to try it out yet but it seems more substantial than the original. Will give a report once I've done a few miles.
  2. duffy

    Original levers

    Sold my 2015 MT a few years ago, and just found the original levers that I had replaced. No damage at all, weren't on the bike for 1000 miles in total. £30 delivered UK mainland only.
  3. Bookerman

    Soon to be MT09 owner, intro and sprocket Q

    Hi all, new to the forum, pick up my 2014 MT09 tomorrow, can’t wait :-) I am a long time Fazer 600 owner. Quick question to start though if you’ll indulge me. The bike has a new rear sprocket fitted and from what I can tell it is an increase in size. The original sprocket comes with the bike...
  4. Littlebruv


    I know there as been a number of threads concerning the original Jap Dunlops and apparently saying how bad in the wet they are supposed to be but maybe it's just the way some people must ride in the wet, the reason I am saying this is because recently I've done 2 trips to Belgium, one to Spa and...
  5. B

    2016 mt09 for sale (night flou-abs-TC

    2016 mt09 for sale (night flou-abs-TC (UK WEST MIDLANDS) Selling my mt09 night flou. Has outstanding finance but will be cleared on sale of bike. Had it since new and only used in dry weather. Bike has just under 1500 miles. It has an mt09 factory fly screen. Akrapovic full carbon system comes...
  6. Soapy

    Help and a Warning, Renntec Grab Rail

    I had an accident end of last year and my bike was written off. I managed to get a replacement bike and it came with a lot of extras including a Renntec Grabrail. I swapped the original seat for a Sargent seat which I kept from my old bike. Unfortunately I didn't notice that with the grabrail...
  7. P

    2014 MT09 Street Rally / Akra / Evotech / R&G / Pirelli £5499

    2014 Yamaha MT-09 Street Rally Limited Edition White/Grey/Red Purchased spring 2015 direct from Infinity Motorcycle Clapham. This bike is MEGA, it is possibly the most fun I have ever had on a motorcycle. It has been completely faultless for the time I have owned it and has been nothing but a...
  8. D

    new yoshi exhaust and some carbon bits

    Hi all i decided to go with a different look for the MT 09 i know of lot of you will not like the old school look of a long pipe but i really like the look of the yoshi carbon the bike runs better up the rev range and is lighter its not that much louder over the original but i still have...
  9. LewFZ1

    Michelin PR4's

    Anyone running with PR4's if so what are you thoughts, my old boots have about 2 k left in them. I am heading up from Bordeaux region to N Ireland for a bike meet in April. I am very reluctant to fit new boots as my trip up will be a lot of M/Ways. I am looking at replacing the original...
  10. M

    Kev Mod connection of Tracer

    Hello..Im guessing it plugs inline on the plug that goes to the Lamda sensor on the downpipes on the Tracer RHS looking fowards from the rear of the bike, beside the foot peg with the original plug held in place by a clamp? Thanks Mike
  11. G

    Akrapovic Titanium Full System

    Akrapovic Titanium Full System for sale Purchased new Akra Titanium for my MT09 a couple of weeks ago from Bikebiz Parramatta NSW for $1,496.00 Fitted the exhaust and as all the reviews say, it is an awesome sounding exhaust and looks unbelievable on the bike. I do weekend day rides 2-up with...
  12. B

    Yamaha MT-09 Race Blue low miles For Sale at a very good price!

    1st reg Oct 2013 - warranty until Oct 2015 Immaculate condition, virtually as new - dry weather use only. Owned by mature rider and run in correctly. Just over 3000 miles with full Yamaha service history. Recently serviced and all recalls up to date. Fitted with Yamaha Tail tidy (original inc) +...
  13. derek28862


    Well i have bit the bullet and got the Ohlins rear shock and front cartridges on order hope this will make a difference as the original is dangerous on the twistys would love some feedback if you have changed yours and how its changed your riding
  14. Fluke

    Integrated tail light. Fitted at last!

    After much procrastinating I finally went ahead and ordered and integrated tail light from eBay. It's made by a company called Tuner x and because they are based near Vancouver, I thought to myself, at least it's not going to be some cheap Chinese nonsense. However, I've a feeling there's one...
  15. A

    Brand new Original Mirrors.

    As above, a pair of original mirrors for the MT09, MT07 and I beleive these are standard fitment for the MT125 too. Pictures upon request. £45 which includes signed for delivery. UK shipping only. PM me for any other info / pics. Andy S O L D