1. S

    R1 to Mt09 - anyone else 'downgraded'?

    Always ridden sports bikes. Last count I have owned 16 bikes in 16 years of riding, from gixxer 750s to cbrs to R1s and back again. My current bike is a 2013 R1 and while it is the best bike I have ever owned, this year I have found myself bimbling along my favourite roads at 70 mph thinking '...
  2. M

    Anyone any thoughts about the MT-03

    I friend of mine has found an advert for a 57 plate, 660cc, MT-03 and I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the bike? Have you owned one and, if so, what to look out for please? Thanks for any advice.
  3. fizzy

    The mt has gone

    Hi Guys just a quick note to let you know I have just sold my bike, the forum has been a good place to find out information and help from the members in the 3 years of owning the bike I have really enjoyed it but it's time to move on and try something different, a big thanks to TT (Richie)...
  4. X

    Oil consumption

    I am thinking about an MT-09. I have owned a number of non-Japanese bikes, a BMW R1100GS, KTM 950 Adv, Buell Ulysses, and they all used a fair amount of oil between oil changes. None of the Japanese bikes I've owned have used a drop. Does the MT-09 use any? I'm rather hoping not.