1. N

    Rattle from front forks.

    2015 - MT 0-9 abs. I recently fitted a plastic fender extender to the front mudguard to keep the muck off the radiator, but have noticed a rattling noise which appears to come from the front forks area when riding over bumps in the road. I don't know if the noise is being amplified by the...
  2. Rob_h

    Barracuda infill panels - 2016?

    Hi, Just seen these on Fleabay, Barracuda infill covers I have asked the seller if they will fit am MT09 2016 ABS model, he has no idea and just says 2107 on, its a new product so probably hedging his sales, anyone fitted them to a 2016 ABS model? I think they look way better than the plastic...
  3. Y

    Plastic rivet things

    I've broken a few of the pop-in plastic rivets that hold the underseat panels, i'm not really wanting my pants pulled down paying a quid each for them from Yamaha (I mean really 89p each?) I've seen generic multi-bike-ones on ebay for a couple for quid for ten, but was unsure how well they'd...
  4. Unfazed

    Hand guards

    So there I was, quietly filtering through Old St roundabout when I saw a gap, thought it'll get through there (of course it will) and SNAP! Thought, what the hell was THAT! Anyway, cut a long story short snapped the plastic that holds the deflector on the RHS handlebar. I ordered a new plastic...
  5. O

    A5 Black Plastic Wallet

    Can someone tell me what the A5 size black plastic wallet is for that i found yesterday under the passenger seat up near the rear light, just seems a bit of a random thing to have on the bike.
  6. N

    Anyone Fitted Givi M5 to MT09?

    I have a Monokey V47 topcase and M5 fitting plate which, apparently according to Givi, will fit my MT09. The fixing kit will require drilling some holes in the MT plastic surround....has anyone tried this, and how did you fare? Better still, any pictures of how to remove the plastic bits from...
  7. K

    ref r & g rad gaurd

    well today I collected my new mt09 and loved the ride home after a year without a bike was heven. decided to buy last week and fit today an r & g radgaurd. I have one question and that is where does the little plastic spacer fit ? do I remove the metal spacer and insert the plastic one in its...
  8. I

    GT Throttle Tamer/Flash

    Hi Can I call on your expertise, MT09 been in the garage for winter, those of you getting the Factory flash from Yamaha, as they say, are you keeping the GT Throttle tamer, or going back to standard plastic one. Thanks
  9. A

    seat cowl

    anybody got a picture of the pyramid plastic seat cowl with the seat concepts seat?
  10. G

    sideways throttle slack fixed

    Not sure if all mt09s are the same but mine had a lot of sideways movement. Bought a bag of various sized and thickness o rings from b&q from the plumbing dept. One of them was perfect. Rolled it over the throttle grip and stretched it over the flanged part. Making sure it sat between the...