1. JohnD

    Newbie from Down Under

    Just been able to post, so Hi. Red 15 Tracer.
  2. Gruffalo

    Riding in Europe, rules.

    Here are some of the riding rules in Europe (compiled by FEMA): Riding abroad – FEMA The one that surprised me was that reflective stickers for your helmet are not compulsary for foreigners in France (up until now I was lead to believe that they were). If there are any other rules that are...
  3. D

    Vibrations (Again)

    TL;DR Some moan of vibes - some day it's OK, I'd like to try and find out why! Can those of you that suffer from vibration post a list of what yammy extras or mods you have? Can those of you that don't suffer from vibration post a list of what yammy extras or mods you have? Full Post: A much...
  4. Gruffalo

    Show us your Bike(s).

    As the title says, show us your bike(s) ;) Just post pics of your bike.
  5. Gruffalo

    Like button.

    I'm only a visitor here (at the mo), as an owner of the FZ-6 (maybe a tracer later) I'm used to the sister FZ6-Forum. On this forum I can like a post but all I see is a thumbsup, on the FZ6 forum you can also see who liked your post (their name can be seen under the post). Not sure if there is a...
  6. W

    MT-09 free diy tail tidy

    Hi guys, first post on the forum and just wanted to share my diy rear fender mod. Free, easy and looks nice and clean. Will try to post pictures and how to if interested
  7. C

    Ohlins shock, k-tech fork springs

    £350 for the shock. £50 for the springs. Plus post. Will haggle.
  8. F

    New member from scotland

    Hi guys picking up my mt09 tracer next sat had a test ride yesterday and loved it.I am trading my hayabusa for it so will be a big difference in power but need to slow down a bit before i get jail.Will post up some pics when i get it.
  9. MikeDutt5

    Cheap screen/ radiator guard

    Before I start I don't want to cheap out on the bike, but i dont want to waste money that can go towards more bits. Has anyone got a picture of this screen fitted? (ebay £29.99) Or is genuine best ? I am not bothered about wind...
  10. D

    Comfort Seat

    mt09 comfort seat as new cost £225 ,will sell £ 100 plus post . call me on 07975779477
  11. T

    post cost only

    Genuine yamaha engine crash protection plastic things, free to good home as both the left and right have been ground out on the track, only suitable for road use and then i dont think they will do much, i paid over £160.00 for them doh so message me and i will post them cheers wayne or pick up...
  12. S

    Hello from Wigan !

    Hi everyone. Ive been lurking on here for a while. ( im a tapatalk user and i forgot my password doh!) I bought an accident damaged 6000 mile MT09 2014 in Kenny Roberts colours at the end of January. It was only a dented tank and a grazed generator cover which have both been repaired. I have...
  13. LewFZ1

    How long can you stay logged on for

    Question??? How long can you stay logged on for?? I have on more than one occasion been typing a post and by the time I post it I have been bumped off the site and my post has disappeared. I do see the flash at the bottom right (auto saved) some times I will get the Leave this page flashed or...
  14. LewFZ1

    Wing Mirror extenders

    These arrived in the post today. Bye bye elbows.
  15. J

    ermax touring screen

    as new only used once. £50 plus post about £8
  16. B

    Australian in Japan

    Hi everyone . A quick introduction . Just got my new Tracer yesterday . Previous bikes here in Japan include 2 Honda Blackbirds ,Sportster and Suzuiki Intruder. Had my first real ride today on some pretty hairy twisties.Very different to the Blackbird but am looking forward to getting to know...
  17. loneranger

    DBKiller Baffle Akrapovic removal and fit guide

    Hi guys posted this a few days ago. Will sort out sound if I post another. Hope its useful
  18. Hunter

    BMC Air Filter

    Used for under 500kms, as new $80 (AUS) Can post if required.
  19. Andyc1511

    ABBA stand fitting kit

    Just a quick post to say I got an ABBA superbike stand fitting kit for my MT09 in the post today, and its excellent! Perfect fit and I like the way the funny cut-out bit for the left side of the swingarm pivot is urethane so it doesn't damage the paint. Ordered direct from their website. Good...
  20. groundhog

    Great !

    As I believe I was the first to suggest it I thought I would put on the first post :) thanks TT for adding it