1. Littlebruv

    Power socket

    Has anyone changed the power socket for a different make if possible i.e. KTM BMW etc, I am only bringing this up as it appears the PS on the Tracer seems more of a car type than a motorcycle one. I like to charge my sat nav from the socket rather than using the power plug behind the screen...
  2. Unfazed

    Charger socket

    So, tried using the charger socket to power my compressor, nothing..... then found out it's a 2 amp fuse! Anyway, changed the fuse vowing never to use it again for the compressor but used it for a USB charger to power my phone when using the sat nav (Calimoto app, very good!) Somewhere through...
  3. K


    Has anyone fitted a Rowe Electronics PDM60 to their Tracer? I am about to fit one to power the various accessories I want to fit (radar detector, GPS unit plus riding lights). I am interested in where to tap into the wiring for the power feed. Perhaps the wire feeding to the rear tail light? Any...
  4. F

    New member from scotland

    Hi guys picking up my mt09 tracer next sat had a test ride yesterday and loved it.I am trading my hayabusa for it so will be a big difference in power but need to slow down a bit before i get jail.Will post up some pics when i get it.
  5. F

    Help rain causing big problems!

    :confused: Guys, I am very new to the world of biking (3 Months) and if I am honest I'm not even slightly mechanically minded. Apart from the standard basic checks like oil chain tyres etc I generally get quite lost. My first bike is a 2013 MT 09 and I must say I love it. I use the bike to...
  6. S

    Sat nav plugged into 12 volt power plug

    Ive got a tom tom rider sat nav,on my last bike i just ran the wire back to the battery but on the tracer i. could just plug it into the 12 volt power socket,so my question is has anyone done it and were did you get the plug? On my existing tom tom cable theres the plug that goes into the sat...
  7. C

    2016 mt09

    Hi i had a testride on a 2016 mt09 the other day and it pretty mutch scared me as I'm not used to that sort of power ...I currently own a 2008 fz1 n found the mt09 was totally different in power .i was just wondering if the traction control will stop the bike from wheelying or help as on the...
  8. T

    CANBus ?

    anyone know if the MT09 uses a CANBus system ? trying to fit an HID kit and it keeps tripping, not blowing fuses, it just trips and I have to disconnect the power for a few seconds or if left it will come back on eventually, wondering if I need a CANBus HID kit :confused:
  9. K

    New member with warranty question.

    Hi everyone, im Kim from Norway! Traded in my 2002 Yamaha XT600e this year for a brand new MT09. Im very happy with the bike so far, but i have a question in regards to warranty. This might be asked several times before, but i cant find the answer im looking for. I asked my dealer if i needed a...
  10. A

    MT09 Mapping

    Hi there, Im new to the forum and i have just had a fair bit of work done to my bike, i was just interested in what sort of power people have got out of these bikes. Mine as standard made 96BHP at the rear wheel as standard. After a LOT of time looking at the fly by wire and fuelling maps we...
  11. LewFZ1

    Done the deal

    Well did the deal this morning 2013 MT-09 ABS 875 kms on the clock. Pick her up mid week looking forward to seeing how she will compare against my old FZ1. Obviously will be down on power but we will see. Lew
  12. dism

    Groetjes uit Nederland

    Hi guys, Just saying hello from the Netherlands. Just traded my XJR 1300 in for a Tracer. Although de XJR remains an epic ride, (gladly still own a 1200 :cool:), I was looking for a little less weight and a little more comfort and windprotection. The years are taking it's toll, so the knees...
  13. Fluke

    From an avid fan, a love letter

    The story of a new bike usually starts with an old one and I used to be the proud and happy owner of the fantastic FZ1 Fazer. The power plant was tweaked so it had great power as well as the great handling that comes as standard. I do a lot of city riding so I'd always been a little frustrated...
  14. A

    12v power panel

    Just fitted a 12v panel supply. Its discreet, though maybe too much as i now need to find a way to extend power cables towards the dash. Its only for occational power to the iphone sat-nav. Oh yeah, and ease of pumping tyres.
  15. G

    yamaha ecu updated

    Just had my re flash done at ian bells in Northumberland. Didn't get a real chance to try it out due to strong winds and damp roads on the way back but the difference is obvious straight away. The power seems the same but it comes in slightly less abruptly. It seems like a perfect solution. Top...
  16. l34chy


    So has anyone fitted quickshifter on there bike without a power commander I want to fit one but not sure which would be the best now I have had the ECU flashed I don't need a power commander. So my question is can a quickshifter be fitted to the ECU is there a port for it to plug in to?
  17. S

    Akrapovic Titanium v Carbon

    Apart from the obviously looking different is there a lot of difference with noise and power etc. ?
  18. Fluke

    Two brothers and a flash map. What's not to like?

    Just got back from my first proper ride since sorting out Martine. The first thing that amazed me was how heavy the standard exhaust system was. Feels like it was milled out of lead compared to the new system. I got the new system of Triple Trouble who was letting it go to so he could try the...
  19. R6owdlad

    Test ride today

    Just had a test ride this morning-first time I'd been on one. Wow! Think my R6 will be going pretty soon and I will be joining you boys... So easy to ride and power awesome even compared to my R6. Think Yamaha are on a winner here....
  20. D

    Pilot power 3 V Pilot Road 4

    Pilot power 3 V Pilot Road 4 does any body have exsperence with both as my current pilot Power 3 are just finished with 9000 Kms and i loved them but winter is coming and I read good things regards Pilot Road 4 are they a better tire than pp3 i don't do track days and the bike is just for fun...