1. Toppie

    Chinese (Scotts) Knock Off Steering Damper

    After a lot of on-line looking and contacting other folks on various forums that have fitted one of these, I bought one. I just know there'll be a shed load of ''detractors'' but you should research a bit before dismissing out of hand. €98 from AliExpress. Very, very nicely machined and lines...
  2. trevorleigh

    MT09 Seat Price

    Not sure if anyone has seen, but it looks like Yamaha has dramatically reduced the price of the flat and comfort seats, at least for the early models. Flat Seat £117, Comfort Seat £126 and vintage seat £58.
  3. bikeral


    Hey all New member here. Had my tracer nearly 2 years, still enjoying it after it replaced my trusty old FZS600! Looking into flashing my ECU. Few questions. Could somebody give me the pro's and con's and does it effect MPG Anybody know the latest price Thanks
  4. Jetty

    Anyone with a broken genuine Yamaha screen?

    Hi - I have a Street Rally and would like a small screen, but can't find any either, ok or that will fit. So would like to try and modify a Yam one to fit over the existing plastics, but really don't want to splash out the exorbitant price for a new one without knowing how it may fit. Am...
  5. S

    Tracer price increase

    I've just seen that Yamaha have put the price of a tracer 900 upto £8700 that's a fair old increase,I bought mine a year ago in march and paid £7895 list price was £8150 I think,if bikes keep going up at this rate this could be my last new bike.
  6. jezthomas

    Late 2015 MT09 ABS in Sydney for sale

    Hi all, I've lost my license and so am selling my MT09 :-( Here are the details. Thanks a bunch guys! $10,500 Late 2015 ABS model. Long rego ‘til 11/9/17 2-year extended warranty purchased for $580 from Sydney City Motorcycles at the same time as I bought the bike – warranty cover ‘til 18/9/19...
  7. 2

    Servicing near Scunthorpe

    Hi, Anyone know of a good garage near Scunthorpe that I can trust to carry out my bikes servicing ? it's the first service, any idea on price ? Thanks
  8. Michael D Urquhart

    Shad seat on eBay

    Spotted this on Ebay and thought it might be of use for someone:EBAY ITEM 231875288970 seems a good price.
  9. B

    lighttech chain tugs

    Anyone using these they look good but they should be for the price
  10. pipski99

    Bargain K&N air filter

    Searched Ebay and wanted to share this if you haven't seen it yet. Bargain price for a K&N filter for the MT: K&N YA-8514 Replacement Air Filter NEW 2014 2015 Yamaha FZ-09 MT09 FJ-09 | eBay Only $999.99 + shipping plus another $239.95 import duty because of the mental listing price. Somebody...
  11. T

    how much to pay? 2015 mt09 with abs and akra?

    I never buy brand new and always like to save a few pennys when possible, but the difference in price between new and nearly new with abs and akra fitted is very small indeed, does anyone know of any dealers who may have a pre registered model for sale, I like the race blu colour but not too...
  12. marksim

    Suspension upgrades

    Took my bike out for a decent ride today with a mate who also has a MT. we swopped over for a few miles and both of us couldnt believe the difference between the two. His is completely standard regarding the suspension and he was amazed how my Ohlins Andreani combo has transformed the bike. To...
  13. F

    Givi handguards

    Does anyone have these? Any opinions? They're half the price of the SW-Motech jobbies. GIVI HP2115 COPPIA PARAMANI PROTEZIONI IN ABS SPECIFICI YAMAHA MT-09 2013-2014 | eBay
  14. Locksmith


    For some reason my bike can't get online quotes, every company wants me to phone up their referral department. When I got the MT it was mid policy and changed over with one issue that the ABS model wasn't on the system but I was insured fully for the right model even though it was stated as a...
  15. marcusfordus

    ABBA Superbike stand, inc MT-09 Adaptor

    Now I have a bike with a centre stand, this piece of bright red metal is getting in my way. Stand is in very good condition, marked from dragging around the concrete garage floor. To lift the 09 it uses one of the supplied ends, and a custom machined piece I made. Looking at their site this...