1. andz

    New Tracer owner, a couple of questions

    So I have had my new Tracer for almost 2 weeks now and have a permanent silly grin on my face. I do have a couple of questions though. Has anyone managed to fit a Stebel Nautilus horn on the bike and where did you hide it? I noticed that the vertical sections of the mirror stalks are not at...
  2. D

    New MT-09 owner for the worst of reasons

    Hi all, I've bought a new MT-09 today as my old bike (A Honda NC750S) was stolen from some time during the night. As is tradition I guess, I thought I'd join up the forum, and say hello to everyone before launching into all the usual new onwer questions :D I was actually looking at the Yamaha...
  3. W

    New member from Wirral

    Hi thought I'd join as I am picking up a 2015 MT09 tomorrow. I've used forums for all my hobbies and find the wealth of knowledge available extremely useful. Brace yourselves for many questions.
  4. bikeral


    Hey all New member here. Had my tracer nearly 2 years, still enjoying it after it replaced my trusty old FZS600! Looking into flashing my ECU. Few questions. Could somebody give me the pro's and con's and does it effect MPG Anybody know the latest price Thanks
  5. stevie996

    FS Genuine Yamaha MT09 knee pads from a sport tracker

    These are from a sport tracker and impossible to get in the UK. My MT 09 had gone and I have these available. Priced at £50 delivered. Payment by bt or PayPal gift. Any questions to [email protected] I can't seem to post a picture but I can email one if required.
  6. fizzy

    My MT09 for sale

    Up for sale my much pampered Mt click on the ebay link Look at this on eBay yamaha MT 09 | eBay Any questions feel free to get in touch Thanks ;)
  7. N

    Any mods recommended

    Picked up my 16 MT 09 last week and love it, want to change exhaust and get ecu flashed, questions are, is there an ecu flash for 16 MT 09s and which exhaust to consider
  8. S

    New member with a few questions

    Hi all i test rode a tracer today and i am impressed with how much fun it was,my only complaint was the set was ibit hard,i thought the suspension was better than I expected,my questions are whats the yamaha heated grips like? And what else is worth considering? Ive traded in a 2014 triumph...
  9. emptyoh9

    DB levels at Track days and Akrapovic exhausts

    This might be a stupid bunch of questions and/or in the wrong place but... I was looking at doing my first track day using my MT and most of the track days state that there's "noise" restriction. I have a few questions for those in the know... 1. How do they measure that sound, by which i mean...