1. L

    SW Motech Rear Rack

    Hi - just wondering if anyone has fitted an SW Motech rear rack - 2 side bars and top plate style - to their bike with a tail tidy ?? Trying to fit one but it seems that the bar hits the top of the tail tidy ... If anyone has could they tell me which tail tidy they have used please
  2. Jetty

    Genuine Yamaha soft panniers AND luggage rack...

    Hi - I have for sale a pair of genuine Yamaha soft panniers(and bars) with a genuine Yamaha luggage rack. £160 including postage to anywhere within the UK mainland. Photos on request as I don't think my dumb arse MacBook lets me post them... Thanks. :)
  3. S

    Whats it worth?

    Thinking of selling my 2016 tracer wondering what you all thought I should ask for it? I bought it new 8200 miles excellent condition fsh,extras Andreani fork cartridges,k-tech razor R rear shock was £1000 for those 2,zero gravity d/b screen,r&g tail tidy& rad gaurd,adjustable levers,givi rack &...
  4. Gruffalo

    Can I fit my FZ6 rack to the tracer 900

    I'm hoping that someone can help me out, I have just ordered a Tracer with a rack (standaard from the accessories page). I was wondering if any one had any experience of mounting another plate or using some kind of adaptor to make a (FZ6) yamaha top box fit it. This is the rack I have on the...
  5. G

    spacer and bolt needed for plxr 2122 quick release pannier rack

    hi Don't ask me how but on checking the bike this evening one of me bolts and spacer are gone. I have a brand new rack and v35 that I will only be able to use on one side of the bike. part no.s as follows:V774R for spacer and TSPXT M8x40 for bolt. any help will be greatly received
  6. R

    Givi topbox mount

    Hi, I've got a Givi V46 topbox that I'll want to be using at some point on the longer trips, although unfortunately they won't be all that frequent and so most of the time it'll be removed. Looking at the options, I see the Yamaha OEM luggage rack is ok and the SW-Motech one perhaps nicer...
  7. stevecbr

    renntec luggage rack and topbox on MT09

    Has anyone fitted a Renntec luggage rack to their MT? They seem cheap on Ebay, and look like they would do the job, with the bonus you could ditch the topbox and bungee some rolltops to the rack, and have a passenger grabrail Would like to hear opinions or experience, and especially if any...
  8. S

    Wanted top box rack & box for mt09 tracer

    Wanted top box rack & box for mt09 tracer got one thanks. As above i would like a rack for my tracer the givi etc.
  9. S

    Top box & rack for tracer which is best?

    As above ive been looking at racks for the tracer just wonderd what others had bought and what you think to them,cheers.
  10. G

    Seat and luggage rack

    Just traded the mt09 in for a bmwr1200r so the above are for sale. The rack has been used for 1 week. The seat for about a month. The seat has been reshaped and covered by saddle craft in South Shields. I had it modified to make it flatter and more comfortable. £50 each. I would prefer pick...
  11. G

    yamaha luggage rack

    Black mt09 luggage rack for sale. The yamaha one. £80 if picked up or £90 with postage in the UK. Will throw in the hole cutter needed for the fairing too. If no interest I will put it on eBay next week. Cheers George
  12. M

    Finished with my Mods, I think ;-)

    Just finished my last job on the bike with the panniers being fitted, photo attached. Mods completed: Carrier rack, Tail light re-positioned, Top box, Seat, Ding knobs, Rear stand knobs and stand, Light screen, Roo whistles, Pannier rack, Heated grips, Pannier quick disconnects and Pannier...
  13. X

    Luggage rack

    What luggage rack options are there for the MT-09, please?
  14. R6owdlad

    Oxford X30 or X40 tailpack

    Does anyone use one of these with the OEM rack? What are your opinions please? Thinking of buying one.. Cheers Tony
  15. S

    Factory rear rack

    Just fitted my factory rear rack with the intention of fitting a universal mount and top box only to find yamaha says it is not designed to take a top box anybody using one with a box and any issues cheers.
  16. Banksy

    Renntec sports rack

    Has anyone here fitted one to their MT yet? Or has used them in the past? Just interested to hear what people think of them that have used them.... Cheers..
  17. bungster01

    Hello from Cornwall

    Hi all, have bought a Tracer and will be collecting on Saturday. It seems heated grips wont be available until July and I also have to wait for a rack!! Hey ho it'll be worth it
  18. G

    Which luggage rack

    As I commute a lot I will probably get a rack soon. I like the Yamaha one but it looks like it will hide the rear lights. I also like the look of the SW Motech one. Any advice would be welcome Can anyone post some pics of the sw motech one from different angles? Cheers
  19. PaulMT-09

    Givi V47 box, rack & extras for sale.

    So I have a nearly new Givi V47 box for sale carbon effect with the blue top which closely maches the blurple on my bike. Also on the box I fitted the Givi backrest, and the Givi L.E.D brake light kit. To go with it I have a Givi rack and the Givi monokey plate. Comes complete with both keys...
  20. M

    Tail Light Mod

    After fitting the rear rack i felt the tail light became to obstructed for other road users. I made up a bracket and extended the wiring loom 270mm and relocated the bracket under the back of the rack. Photo attached.