1. R

    09 Tracer. Radiator guard for sale.

    Stainless steel radiator guard for a 2016 Tracer 09. Say £20. Email me please. Robin. SOLD.
  2. Bookerman

    Spark plug change

    Hi all. Anybody changed the plugs on their bike themselves? Seems a bit of pain to do by taking the tank off method. However just seen some comments on a youtube video which questioned the amount of work involved when you can simply undo 2 radiator bolts, unplug the fan and hey presto the...
  3. M

    Yamaha MT 09 Tracer radiator guards?

    Hello all, cheers from London. Im looking a yamaha tracer radiator guards.Im interested lovely this model YAMAHA-MT-09-TRACER-RADIATOR-GUARDS MT 09 radiator guards | eBay How do you think?
  4. S

    2014 MT09 in Grey with a host of extras

    Having bought a new bike I am now selling my Grey 2014 MT09. One elderly previous owner and MOT until May 2018. The bike is in mint condition having covered just 5275 miles and has over £4k in accessories/extras fitted. These include: Titanium Akropovic exhaust. Maxton suspension front and...
  5. Yam MT 09

    2017 radiator cover

    hi all , just been looking at the genuine yamaha accessories website , they are listing a radiator cover to replace the original cover on the 2017 model . to any 2017 model owners , is there a radiator cover then ? to any other model owners , does anybody know if the radiators will be the same...
  6. Jetty

    Evotech...Anyone had any problems...?

    Hi - Has anyone experienced any trouble at all with fitting the Evotech radiator cover please? Here's what's happening with me: The cover arrived warped in a springy way. I can flex it straight, then when released reverts to being warped. Not a problem I don't think. Then, having the Street...
  7. D

    New radiator guard on

    New radiator guard on, with blue mesh guards Looks good and hopefully will save radiator from future damage
  8. T

    Hi temp Light

    Hello everyone, While riding my eye caught the Hi temp light flashing on the right screen of the tacho... i pulled over and switch off the engine. radiator fluid on the right side of the engine. the problem was a hole on the radiator from a little rock i suppose... after a few seconds i turned...
  9. JT09

    Radiator Gurads

    Hey everyone, So I ordered a black R&G radiator guard which will hopefully arrive in a week. I then bought some second hand Yamaha 'Side Radiator Guards' of E-bay, Obviously you've all seen the side guards before, they're silver and have the diagonal slashes along the...
  10. Deadhead

    Race Blu MT09 ABS picked up today

    Chopped in my MT-07.......Great bike the MT-07 just preferred the MT-09 after a days riding on one. Got a few extra... Yamaha tail tidy Yamaha grills/mesh (blue) R & G radiator guard Yamaha Radiator covers Evotech levers Ohlins suspension upgrade (rear shock and front springs) Akrapovic exhaust...
  11. Deadhead

    I think a good deal?

    2015 MT-09 ABS Race Blu Ohlins suspension upgrade Evotech folding levers R & G radiator guard Yamaha radiator fins/covers Yamaha tail tidy Yamaha pod grills..might be blue or silver, not decided yet Akrapovic Exhaust All in at £7984. Sounds good to me, what do you think?
  12. G

    New Aussie memeber

    G'day everyone I'm Glen and I found your forum looking for bits for my new beasty. I just took delivery of my new MT09 and I have to say they are a stunning bike. I also have a Kawasaki ZRX1200r and have previously had various sportsbikes ie ZX10, ZX9, GSXR1100. I live in Sydney and look...
  13. Coopie

    Here it is

    Thought I would put a few piccies up of my scoot I bought it 4 weeks ago from Maidstone Laguna with the carbon Akro , Yamaha tail tidy and Givi screen fitted by the dealer . Since then I have added the flip up levers , Puig radiator covers , Yamaha case savers , fender extender , Yamaha comfort...
  14. Davy

    Hi, newbie from Scotland

    Hi everyone My names Dave and I'm an alcho... o wait I mean I am the proud owner of a 2014 MT-09 Old enough to have grankids and I'm afraid to say it but the MT-09 is my first bike, well apart from an old Honda cb100 (no laughing) I had in my teens, 30ish years ago. I've had her about 3...
  15. M

    radiator side covers

    I've just purchased some of the yamaha mt radiator side covers 1RC-F2467-00-00 guessing there has got to be a few of you on here with these fitted. before i blow the dust of my tool kit just wondered what they are like to fit. Without getting into the destructions it looked like the access to...