1. M

    WTD: MT09 panniers

    Hi, I am after some SW Motech/Yamaha panniers and support arms for an MT09 (2016). I would consider others, as long as they don't require modifying the rear fairing panels. I can collect from the Bristol/Somerset/South Wales area or we can sort postage. Thanks all Mike
  2. P

    Rear Shock

    My 2014 MT09 feels like a 1970's bike when on bumpy B roads around Sussex I know there has been a lot said on the forum about the poor quality rear shock but can I ask the owners who have change the shock for a Nitron is there a big difference? I have tried to adjust the pre-load and re-bound...
  3. N

    Rear Brake Pedal Adjustment ??

    2015 MT 0-9 ABS. My rear brake pedal seems to be getting lower and I cannot see any way of adjusting it. The only adjustment that I can see associated with the brake pedal is for the purpose of adjusting the brake light switch free play. I suspect that the rear pads @ 13,000 miles are now...
  4. B

    Shad Rear carrier Rack For sale.

    Shad Rear carrier Rack For sale. Model NO: Shad YOMT95ST For 2015 -2016 only.NOT 2017 6 months old.As new. All Fitting and instructions. very Simple to Install. NOW SOLD NOTE.The Shad top plate is NOT included. This sale is for the 'arms'. When you buy your Shad top box it comes with the plate...
  5. N

    No rear brake light

    A little advice please..just done my first ride of the year, bike stored in my garage. Front brake operates the rear light, but not when I try rear on its own. All other lights, indicators, horn fine. Anything else I can do, or is it visit dealer? Thanks in advance.
  6. I

    Rear light connection

    Can somebody point me in the direction of where the live rear light wire is. I want to connect a rear camera to it but not sure which is the correct wire. Thanks in advance.
  7. I

    Suspension adjustment

    Finally got round to adjusting suspension. The front bounced around under braking so I had a look at adjusting front and rear. Best setup for me weighing 12st 11lbs, Front compression 6mm and rebound one click in from maximum, rear compression number 6 and rebound half a turn out. It stiffened...
  8. Jetty

    Had a brief look around but have found definitive answer - ZX10 Rear shock...Age?

    Hi - I see that most/all posts about using a ZX10 rear shock. Can anyone please tell me if newer versions can be used? For example, 2010-2015. Thank you. :)
  9. P

    Wanted rear ohlins for mt 09 2017 model

    Wanted rear ohlins for 2017 mt09 model to suit 95kg-100kg rider must be good condition cash waiting contact Neil 07831 586691
  10. S

    2014 MT09 in Grey with a host of extras

    Having bought a new bike I am now selling my Grey 2014 MT09. One elderly previous owner and MOT until May 2018. The bike is in mint condition having covered just 5275 miles and has over £4k in accessories/extras fitted. These include: Titanium Akropovic exhaust. Maxton suspension front and...
  11. O

    zx6r rear shock

    morning lads. just a quick update on zx6r rear shock fitted about 3 weeks ago.have done about 300 miles now on shock and have noticed a rubbing mark on the inside of the clutch casing where the remote is rubbing. not much but needs to be sorted. would recommend if fitting zx6r shock before you...
  12. O

    zx6r rear shock

    Just to update, have now fitted xz6r rear shock to bike. found it rearly easy to fit . went in with a push the only things to watch out for are the starter motor and battery leads will need to be pushed out of way. What a difference to standard shock, just shows what a load of old rubbish the...
  13. F

    2009 ZX6R rear shock for tracer

    Sold !!!!!!
  14. O

    fitting zx6r rear shock

    Hy lads. managed to get zx6r rear shock for MT09. could any one tell me which way is best to fit it, is it with the main body facing up or down. was wondering how you can do adjustments with shock on bike as all the adjusters are either hidden or facing down. many thanks for any help with this...
  15. Casey

    Tst rear integrated light

    Anyone got the Tst rear integrated rear light? Looks really smart & I'm seriously considering buying one, the only thing putting me off is that it is from America (anyone bought parts from America) don't want to get stung by customs. I've always liked the rizoma but I've heard it's not that bright.
  16. K

    rear foot pegs

    I want to remove the rear foot pegs and hangers, can you get a bracket to carry the rear brake res, before I spend hours carving one out of a block of aluminium? thanks.
  17. N

    For Sale 2016 Fluoro Yellow MT09

    Fully sorted MT 09 with Ohlins suspension and S Tec ECU flash complete with quickshift with auto blip on downchange. Just had service and handlebar clamp recall carried out, mileage 2500 will increase slightly Other extras fitted include Yamaha Akrapovic exhaust, Heated Grips, Engine protectors...
  18. P

    Correct spring for Ohlins 535 rear sock.

    After installing the Ohlins spring kit on the front, I'm ready to buy the ohlins 535 for rear of my MT09 2017. My weight is 67KG without gear. The usage of the bike will be 90% road riding and occasionally track riding. What spring should i use? The standard is 95N. Do I have to go with 90N...
  19. P

    MT09 2017 rear shock adjustment?

    I thought I would bump the rear shock up to level 5. Attacked it from all angles with the adjuster and short of dismantling 3 cables on the right hand side I couldn't get the darn tool secured to turn it up to 5. Too much attention to a 'tidy' tail and no attention to the hapless owner who might...
  20. barton

    rear shock ride height adjustment

    Picked up a low mileage 14 plate MT09. After just 5 miles realise the suspension is utter crap. so three days later K-Tech razor shock and K-Tech ids cartridge kit. Now much better, but in A mode the throttle snatch still tends to push me a little wide as the front goes light. I raised the forks...