1. woodie100

    Recommendations for Crash bars

    Hi all Cos I love my MT09 Tracer and want to keep it nice n scuff free as long as poss I’m looking for recommendations for some engine/crash bars to protect the engine if the bike meets the floor sideways! Seen some on Ebay but before buying wondered what you all think or have used, you’re...
  2. JohnD

    Dual sport tyres

    Anyone fitted dual sport tyres, any recommendations.
  3. Unfazed

    What USB charger

    Hi all, been on 2 trips using the phone as GPS and been through 2 USB chargers plugged into the 12V socket. Not sure why but they seem to die after a few days. Any recommendations?
  4. deedaadel

    Healtech Quickshifter

    Yamaha MT-09 Tracer 2015-2017 Healtech Quickshifter - Official Ebay Seller | eBay Anyone have one of these fitted? It seems a very simple upgrade and the video reviews look quite promising but could do with one or two recommendations off here before jumping in.
  5. Fluke

    Track tyres. What's your experience?

    Hi all, I've got a trackday coming up and I'm thinking of putting some proper rubber on. Has anyone done any trackdays or racing and can share their recommendations or avoidances? I'm really happy with the PR4s I use on the road but I'm pretty sure I'll want something a lot stickier on track. I...
  6. Unfazed

    GPS trackers

    As the new arrival is imminent, I've been thinking about GPS trackers Anyone got experiences of one or any recommendations? Cheers
  7. Jim_Royle

    Tyre Choice

    Hi Folks, Mt MT-09 needs new tyres. Any recommendations for daily ride to work bike. I'm told some of those hard in the middle tyres are good. I'm in Oz so they have to be available here.
  8. KatanaAl


    Hi, I am picking my new Tracer up early in September, trading my MT09 in. I have had the cheapy Chinese levers fitted and they have been great. I'm sure I read somewhere on here that the AVDB levers advertised on ebay can cause problems because of the larger switch gear and I am not paying £90 a...