1. RipGroove

    Does it need servicing?

    My '14 MT-09 had a 6000 mile service 11 months ago and it's only done 159 miles since, it's been sat in my garage the whole time. So will it want another service before the riding season?
  2. Gruffalo

    Riding in Europe, rules.

    Here are some of the riding rules in Europe (compiled by FEMA): Riding abroad – FEMA The one that surprised me was that reflective stickers for your helmet are not compulsary for foreigners in France (up until now I was lead to believe that they were). If there are any other rules that are...
  3. P

    Correct spring for Ohlins 535 rear sock.

    After installing the Ohlins spring kit on the front, I'm ready to buy the ohlins 535 for rear of my MT09 2017. My weight is 67KG without gear. The usage of the bike will be 90% road riding and occasionally track riding. What spring should i use? The standard is 95N. Do I have to go with 90N...
  4. Littlebruv

    Is the Tracer 900 as good as they say

    After I joined this forum some things reported are about change. We all like to customise our bikes to our own individual needs but somethings are expensive to correct the bike's mistakes ie spluttering issues at low revs. The rider seat is a pain after 45 minutes of riding, forks too soft and...
  5. El Bandito

    New member from Edinburgh.

    Hello from an excited chappy in Edinburgh. I've been checking through the site for a wee while now getting up to speed with what there is to know about the Tracer 900. Loads of great stuff to help me. I'm deciding to move up from my MT07 which has been a great bike so had a test ride today and...
  6. barton

    hi from south wales

    Picked up a 14 plate mt09, First impressions A mode violent and suspension as less damping control then a space hopper. Got K-Tech kit going on shortly. Whats the score with the throttle abruptness. I got 15 R1 and people think they have a snappy throttle they should try one of these. I have...
  7. TIM80

    Old School

    All you hear today on new motorcycles is wether it has ABS , Traction Control, Slipper Clutch, Ride Modes, Cruise Control and other rider aides . Have we all gone soft ? Are we trying to circumvent Darwin's natural order of selection ? Whatever happen to riding by the seat of your pants and...
  8. bumpyride

    Any other female MT09 riders

    just wondered if there is any other female MT09 riders on the forum ? which country are you in ? what type of riding do you do (commuting , weekend mountain rides ect ? :)
  9. bumpyride

    New to forum

    Hi, just wanted to say hi to all fellow MT09 riders, just got my bike back last Tuesday after in early December a kind gent decided to rear end me at the traffic lights, Not happy, lost the bike for 5 weeks we had loads of rides planned for xmas, Only got the bike in September and had been...
  10. K

    YBR125 to MT09

    Earlier this year, I decided to approach the bank of wife, about financing a new hobby. I'd set my heart on a catterham style kit car. Here's how the discussion went. Me: how's our savings looking? Wife: ok why? Me: I fancy treating myself to something Wife: what like Me: a kit car, like this...
  11. H

    Tracer Hard Seat

    Hello everyone, my name is Paul, a mature rider who has just bought a Tracer. Overall, I am really pleased with my purchase, however there is one thing that I really need to address, and that is the hard seat. I must say that the riding position is very comfortable, especially for someone of my...
  12. D

    MT Darkside Tour Llandow Circuit 9th-10th July

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone from the forum will be attending this event on 9th-10th July? How have the others been? I have only been riding since Christmas so quite new to everything. Map Link Below Google Maps ## 15 Silver MT-09 with Akrapovic ##
  13. F

    Greetings from Munich

    Hey there, I just registered to this forum. I bought a MT-09 in February this year. I love it. Best wishes to all of you and always have fun riding your bike. Greetings from Munich
  14. andrewmt09

    Travel insurance including riding in Canada and USA???

    Hey folks, I'm looking for travel insurance that will cover motorcycle riding in Canada and USA. Most seem to either exclude it or limit it to 125cc. Does anyone have any recommendations? Cheers, Andrew
  15. D

    new member/devon

    hello all new member here from devon. picked up my 2016 lava red abs/tcs yesterday:cool:, came over from a ducati scrambler, nice bike but too italian for me. the abs saved my ass yesterday after only 8 miles!!! white van man, well i'm getting on a bit now, been riding since 1976. i have had...
  16. B

    New Old Rider

    Just joined up, now I've chopped my MT-07 in for a more, ahem, grown-up machine - 2015 model with "free" Akra pipe. Picked it up from On Yer Bike on Friday. That extra cylinder and a few more cc's certainly certainly makes a big difference over the smaller bike! The riding position suits my...
  17. whooshbang

    New member - New MT-09 - Bath

    Hi All, Been having a good poke around on this forum and seems like a good place to come if you own a Yamaha, informative and friendly! A year ago I faced a huge dilemma. Should I buy a Street Triple or MT-09? ... Well, I bought the Street, A 2013 newer shape model but completely standard. I...
  18. S

    Hello from Wigan !

    Hi everyone. Ive been lurking on here for a while. ( im a tapatalk user and i forgot my password doh!) I bought an accident damaged 6000 mile MT09 2014 in Kenny Roberts colours at the end of January. It was only a dented tank and a grazed generator cover which have both been repaired. I have...
  19. D

    Hi from Aussie

    Greetings folks :) New member here from Australia. I purchased a Tracer as my latest daily rider - been riding for about 30 years, been through a few bikes in that time as you would expect.
  20. S

    Late First Service

    First "free" service is meant to be taken at 600 miles or 6 weeks. Well that six weeks was up in October, and it hasnt stopped raining for more than a day since, for me to get past the current 450 mile mark I dont do wet or cold weather riding out of choice. (but on writing that I am recalling...