1. P

    Rear Shock

    My 2014 MT09 feels like a 1970's bike when on bumpy B roads around Sussex I know there has been a lot said on the forum about the poor quality rear shock but can I ask the owners who have change the shock for a Nitron is there a big difference? I have tried to adjust the pre-load and re-bound...
  2. Gruffalo

    Riding through the winter

    Do any of you guys ride through the winter what do you do to keep your baby in good condition? Unlike many other people my tracer is mainly for commuting. My commute is 45 mins mainly main road, the road is very flat (Holland :) ) with only a couple of slight bends It's very open to the wind...
  3. Gruffalo

    Pilot road 5, michelins new touring tyre.

    saw this on michelin's facebook site, they will be bringing out the Pilot road 5 (didn't see a date though). Now let's see how I can extend the life of the OEM tyre (until these come out). Michelin used to be the best tyre in the wet, I've ridden on the Pilot road, PR2, PR3 & PR4 and...
  4. P

    Correct spring for Ohlins 535 rear sock.

    After installing the Ohlins spring kit on the front, I'm ready to buy the ohlins 535 for rear of my MT09 2017. My weight is 67KG without gear. The usage of the bike will be 90% road riding and occasionally track riding. What spring should i use? The standard is 95N. Do I have to go with 90N...
  5. R

    Michelin pilot road 4

    Michelin pilot road tyres 180/55/17 rear 120/70/17 front 400 miles use no cuts or nicks Selling as I couldn't get on with them , everyone else seems to rave about them £150 the pair pick up from Ramsey Cambs
  6. B


    My 2016 MT 09 has been a delight to ride. Not only does the 3 cylinders deliver enough power smoothly throughout the rev range but handles beautifully. It is light to manoeuvre and low enough for me to place both feet flat on the ground when stationary. I have removed the rear footrest and...
  7. erickelsall

    Well She arrived today!

    After many years (8) of not having a road bike. I finally got back on the saddle with a new 2017 MT09. I have been riding enduro bikes since my last road for my two wheel fix, but must say very impressed with the new MT09. Picture is my son on my bike
  8. K

    Retired Newbie From Cornwall.

    Hi Guys Joined the site just over a week ago, been doing a lot of thread reading since then which I have found very informative. Also just recently acquired a very low mileage 14- plate MT-09 in armour, not putting it on the road until 1st March, so looking forward to that. I have already bought...
  9. S

    Trips planned for 2017 anyone?

    As the title says anyone got any trips planned? I am off to Scotland west coast which I like the best my favourite roads are the road to Skye and the road Oban from invarery which is very twisty,what about starting a new thread were you post were you have been what you have seen were you stayed etc.
  10. Toppie

    Road Art

    Saw this on the road side while on a ride out a week or so back.........................
  11. S

    Metzeler road tec 01

    anyone tried the metzeler road tec 01 yet? They get good reviews and are discribed as being on the sporty side of sports touring which is what I want,
  12. J

    Me on lonely road dreaming about being V. Rossi

    No, I'm not a better driver than him but I had to have a title ;)
  13. C

    Why is it..

    ..that punctures never happen on worn out tyres? Just 200 miles on the bike and a flat rear tyre. Bugger. That's £100 I could have done without spending. Still, back on the road now. Having the billet chain adjusters fitted made changing the rear wheel much easier.
  14. Spook99

    Two Traceys and a Tractor do Europe

    So 6th May saw the beginning of the longest road trip for me so far. Myself and two mates, one on another Tracey and the other on his GS12000 Tractor. Absolutely amazing trip, bikes didn't skip a beat. Ferry to St Malo, across France and up and over the Vosges Mountains, breathtaking, not the...
  15. LewFZ1

    Road Trip

    Heading off on a road trip on Thursday. I am going over to N Ireland for a weekend meet with the Z1000SX forum. Why the Z1000SX crowd you may or may not ask. I used to have one of those fantastic bikes but sadly it was just getting to heavy for me and a lad in Spain where I used to live offered...
  16. Russ Quinlan

    Hello fae Aberdeenshire

    Just joined, getting my Tracer delivered next week and really looking forward to it. I'm a auld faert been riding since 1969 and am 63 this year but the Tracer has woken up the hooligan ! Always ridden since passing my test in 69 and had loads of bikes but never a Yam until now. Also have a 98...
  17. S


    Hi all My name is Steve and I have to come clean and admit that I have been riding BMWs on the road for the last ten years. Now that I've got that out the way, I can say that after a recent test ride on a Tracer I was hooked. I already have two BMW GSs, an 1150 & a 1200, and had considered...
  18. Unfazed

    Hi There

    As I've got an MT-09 ordered for March I thought I'd join the forum! I've been a lifelong biker starting on dirt bikes, then trials, then eventually getting a road licence. I've had lots of different bikes over the years from trailies, road bikes, sports bikes, commuters and currently have an...
  19. LewFZ1

    Guy Martin

    Spotted an open letter on Facebook yesterday. Guy Martin has said he will not ride the TT in 2016. Guy says he has had time to reflect while he was recovering from his accident at the 2015 UGP. He is wanting to do other stuff outside of road racing and has decided for now to take a time out...
  20. Spook99

    Tour of the Alps - off road rental?

    So I've gone and done it and popped the question to my long suffering, CB1000R riding, love of my life. So begins the planning for the big day, that being the Tour de Stag de France in May!!! Or as one of my 2 companions have called it the 2016 TTT (Two Tracers and a Tractor (that being his...