1. Bookerman

    How do all!

    New MT09 owner here. Joining the club tomorrow after owning a Fazer 600 for 10 years. Decided on a 2014 with 2200 miles on the clock and after a test run I can’t wait to own it. I imagine I’ll be on here pestering you all quite regularly :-)
  2. boro

    6th gear indicator flashing

    Hi Wondered if anyone had seen the dash flashing when on the motorway in 6th gear. Happened yesterday and it was only is only happening on the 6th gear indicator on the dash, during a 15 min run. Didn't notice any adverse affects and up and down the gears was fine, on the return run I didn't...
  3. L

    New member - Bedford UK.

    Hi, Just ordered a 2017 MT-09 in blue from my local dealer. I'm fitting the Yamaha upper tail tidy, R+G crash bungs and a screen as soon as I get it home. Should have it in about 10 days, then it's time for me to run it in and get the first service out of the way before I head off for the TT.
  4. LewFZ1

    Sw France to Northern Costa Blanca trip

    Just back from a 10 day trip from were I live SW France to the Costa Blanca were I used to live. Why did I ever move away from Spain. Anyway did my best to avoid the Toll roads and Motorways. Broke the run up down and back with an overnight stop in a cheap hostel **star used €25.00...
  5. O


    Hi, Nearly new MT-09 Tracer owner, picked up a 2016 model last week with 174 miles on the clock, only put another 70 since then, weather is pretty bad today, will run it in next week hopefully. Had a good look around the forum and found it very informative, and hope to contribute in the future...
  6. Jetty

    Accessory cables?

    Hi. Does anyone know if there are any ACC cables hanging around the dash, IGN or Permanent Live? ...May whack SatNav on...Could quite easily run wires directly to the battery(fuse inc.), but am curious... Thanks
  7. T

    what colour

    as the facebook page what colour should i paint this as i have run out of ideas cheers wayne.
  8. B

    Tracer run

    Took my freshly flashed Tracer on a run up to Tyndrum, Inveraray, Lochlomond, Crianlarich. Footage is from front and rear facing cameras attached to the bike. Sorry, can't see much of the actual bike. And the video is edited to music. Sound from action cams was a bit rubbish...
  9. L

    New exhaust

    From motad in Walsall. Very happy it was a bargain (£350) and sounds absolutely monstrous. I'm not sure about fuelling tho as it stalls sometimes when coming to a halt on idle with clutch pulled in and pops and bangs on over run something wicked :cool: but I'll be getting it mapped soon
  10. B

    Heated Clothing

    Has anyone run heated clothing from the Tracer? The power outlet is only 2amp which is not enough for most plug in heat gear so its pretty useless. I guess i could run something direct from the battery with a inline fuse. Has anyone done anything similar?
  11. T

    start button sticking

    anyone else had this ? when I start the bike I have to push the button back to the run position or it stays on start and the starter continues to run, makes a high pitch squeel. I only noticed this today and seems to be the reason why the engine management light was coming on when I changed gear...
  12. stevecbr

    ever wondered if you could ride a motorbike down a toboggan run?

    Robbie Maddison riding a supermoto down a toboggan run, followed by jumping his bike of the ski jump!
  13. M

    am I right to assume that headers are not suppoused be so blue (almost black) ?

    where they connect to engine? what could be wrong? The bike is mapped, so shouldnt run lean/rich. thank you