1. Littlebruv

    Power socket

    Has anyone changed the power socket for a different make if possible i.e. KTM BMW etc, I am only bringing this up as it appears the PS on the Tracer seems more of a car type than a motorcycle one. I like to charge my sat nav from the socket rather than using the power plug behind the screen...
  2. RipGroove

    Does it need servicing?

    My '14 MT-09 had a 6000 mile service 11 months ago and it's only done 159 miles since, it's been sat in my garage the whole time. So will it want another service before the riding season?
  3. S

    Mobile speed camara vans

    Well I am fxxking sick of them this year nearly every time I have a ride out I see one in North Yorkshire and I've had some near £100 & 3 points moments I've not been going daft and they have all been in national speed limit of 60 mph,I've had another close one today I know my speedo is around...
  4. I

    More additions

    Some new additions to the bike. Front fender and rear hugger extensions and locking system for SAT NAV.
  5. donut

    Sat Nav Mount interferes with Tank Bag

    I have just bolted on my Yamaha sat nav mount, wired in my Tom Tom Rider dock and bolted it to the mount in preparation for this years trip to the TT and general finding out where the f%ck I'm going. When I'm out and about I often use a tank bag - in my case I use a Givi tank lock system...
  6. S

    Sat nav plugged into 12 volt power plug

    Ive got a tom tom rider sat nav,on my last bike i just ran the wire back to the battery but on the tracer i. could just plug it into the 12 volt power socket,so my question is has anyone done it and were did you get the plug? On my existing tom tom cable theres the plug that goes into the sat...
  7. R6owdlad

    Sat nav case/mount

    - SW-MOTECH Used for car sat navs on the bike. Hope the link works. Anyone seen or tried or got one of these? Interested for your comments if you have Thanks Tony
  8. R6owdlad

    Optimate battery charger and tester

    Hi For those who use these do you leave them connected to battery 24/7 or do you disconnect it from the bike for any length of time? Just asking cos obviously coming up to winter now and the bike is going to be sat in the garage for longer periods. I've always kept mine connected and switched on...