1. B

    MT09 common mod feedback

    Hey all, In light of it being quiet here I thought I would add a short post to review a few things I have done to my 2016 MT09. It might help others decide what to do themselves! Ok so first off: K-tech Razor R rear shock / Ktech 20IDS fork cartridges with KTech springs.(9.8cst oil in comp...
  2. W

    Gel seat pad - recommendations

    Ok so after a couple of hefty trip on the Tracer I am giving serious consideration to getting a gel (or similar) seat pad. There are a couple of points on my anatomy that get really sore on a long ride and spreading my 13st around a bit more evenly might be a good idea... anyone tried anything...
  3. S

    MT09 Flat Seat with Red Stitching

    Yamaha MT 09 Super-moto style flat seat with red stitching which gives a little more comfort and a bit higher seat height. The seat gives a supermoto style riding position and a bit extra height which will benefit taller riders. I bought this Genuine Yamaha seat for my MT 09 but only used it...
  4. M

    Uncomfortable seat

    Hi all, I know this topic has been raised numerous times on here but I've been searching this forum the last couple of days to find the definitive solution to make the Tracer's seat more comfortable to no avail. I thought mine would bed in as some say it should but after 5000miles I still...
  5. I

    New seat

    Have just replaced the OEM with a Sargent heated seat. Not had a chance to try it out yet but it seems more substantial than the original. Will give a report once I've done a few miles.
  6. trevorleigh

    MT09 Seat Price

    Not sure if anyone has seen, but it looks like Yamaha has dramatically reduced the price of the flat and comfort seats, at least for the early models. Flat Seat £117, Comfort Seat £126 and vintage seat £58.
  7. T

    MT09 Tracer Low Seat

    as per the title, a factory option low seat, used for 1500 miles only, still boxed, and with the original wrappings. £225 from Yamaha, grab a 10 week old bargain at £125 so saving you £100 Postage at cost (it's a BIG box). Collection from York available too. 07815 683535 will get me.
  8. T

    MT09Tracer 2017 model, 1300 miles

    Yeah, I'm not loving it, its a great bike for sure, and is a 2017 model in Forest Green with all the options, ABS / throttle maps and the like, it just doesn't "involve" me. Clearly, at this mileage, like new, all the bugs get washed off after ever ride and the like, 1st service done at 550...
  9. V

    seat options to stay sane

    Original seat grates on my nerves. I am sliding all the time. You slide because there is a dip. Makes it easier to get your foots flat. Now I am 6 feet tall and don't need that. Apparently there is street/sport rally seat. Raises the seat height considerably and you can sit wherever you like...
  10. N

    Uncomfortable MT0-9 Standard Seat.

    Has anyone found a solution to the uncomfortable standard MT0-9 seat (2015 model), I get bum ache after only 50 miles max. I have spoken to my Yamaha dealer and they agree the comfort seat sold by Yamaha is no better than the standard seat and is a waste of over £200.
  11. I

    Seat and Screen options

    I would appreciate any information from people who have changed the standard screen and or seat. Have been looking at a number of options but would like some feedback from people who have fitted these. Thanks in advance.
  12. bumpyride

    New seat and tail light

    After being fobbed off that i couldnt fit a 2017 MT 09 comfort seat to my 2016 model by the Y-shop, Managed to get one from else where. All good fits just as bad as the original ( a bit loose) but looks heaps better, a tad higher and slightly wider, felt weird to begin with but its a big...
  13. Littlebruv

    Is the Tracer 900 as good as they say

    After I joined this forum some things reported are about change. We all like to customise our bikes to our own individual needs but somethings are expensive to correct the bike's mistakes ie spluttering issues at low revs. The rider seat is a pain after 45 minutes of riding, forks too soft and...
  14. R

    Tracer Comfort Seat

    I have a Genuine Yamaha Tracer Comfort Seat for sale very little use. I had to buy a lower seat.. £180 delivered or £160 collected from Edinburgh. Any questions please ask. Cheers Ken
  15. P

    Is something wrong with my seat? Clicking and gap

    Hi folks, I have my seat on the high setting (still not high enough, but thats for another post). I feel like I must have done something wrong. There's a gap between the front seat and the rear, and the back of the rider seat bends down and clicks when I put weight on it. It's as though there...
  16. Littlebruv

    Sargent sent

    I have now fitted just the rider seat for my own comfort, fills firm but appears to do the job compared to the standard seat
  17. Littlebruv

    Kreiga bags

    Anyone using any of the US Kreiga bags on their Tracer ?. Just query about using the loop straps either attached to the sub frame or under the pillion seat
  18. G

    Low seat for Tracer

    Hi. Anyone out there can give me any info about the low seat for the Tracer. I have the standard seat on the low setting but because I'm only 5-6 I find it awkward on uneven ground. Yamaha do a low seat and I was wondering what people think and if it is worth it or there are better options out...
  19. Hexme

    Riders Under seat bung

    Just removed the riders seat to fit a charging wire, that bloody black bung by the latch is a pain in the arse, does it suit any purpose apart from an anti-tamper device?
  20. bikeral


    I see that the Tracer 700 get's the option of a heated seat. Anybody know if the bigger brother has this option available anywhere?